Eric's CB750 Chopper


Eric is one my favorite riding buddies. We don't call and talk on the phone or meet at the bar every weekend or any of that. In fact, we rarely communicate. Instead, we just get together and go on multi-day riding trips every year or so. Eric's got a contagious and youthful sense of adventure that can turn a boring trip into a banger in no time. Eric, some other friends and I were lucky enough to ride for a week together this summer and this time his lovely lady friend Whit rode the whole way with a proud smile, just stoked to be with her man and his chop.

We used to call Eric "XS Eric" because of the beaten and abused but always faithful Yamaha he rode for years. After getting serious with Whit, Eric went on the hunt for a suitable two-up dream machine. He eventually landed a ridiculous deal on this CB basket case: 200 bones. "CB Eric" doesn't have the same ring as our friend's old moniker, but we hope Eric, Whit and his Honda chopper will be together for a long time.



Owner name, location:eric j, joshua tree CA
Bike name:  squash blossom (wrk in prog)
Engine, year and make, model, modifications:75 cb750
Frame: unknown origins
Fork: narrow
Chassis mods: many
Tire/wheel size and style: 16 & 19 satellite's 
Favorite thing about this bike: sexy womans on my p pad braw!
Next modification will be: paint & fine tune
Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: sprinkler sissy bar, rare plunger rear section & front hurst airhert brake.
Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include:  
Thanks to: (you may include links to websites here) joel,duane b,biltwell crew,and my lovely girl whit. 

Bike name: Squash Blossom

Engine year, make, model and modifications: '75 CB750

Frame: unknown origin

Fork: narrow girder

Chassis mods: many

Tire/wheel size and style: 16"/19" Sattelites

Favorite thing about this bike: sexy woman on my P-pad, brah!

Next modification will be: paint & fine tune

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: sprinkler sissy bar, rare plunger rear section & front hurst Airhart brake

Thanks to: Joel Smith, Duane Ballard, the Biltwell crew and my lovely girl Whit

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Commented on 9-5-2011 At 04:56 am

Cool bike. Love the satellite wheels.


Commented on 9-5-2011 At 06:38 am

Dig it. X-XS Eric is a Ruler.

Commented on 9-5-2011 At 06:47 am

what an awesome place for a shoot! That bike definetly does it for me!

Commented on 9-5-2011 At 08:09 am

Nice Ol chop I like

Commented on 9-5-2011 At 09:39 am

Old Amen Savior frame runnin' a springer (not girder)... Interestin' front rim. At first look, thought it was an old Invader, but nope... Nice bike. =)

Commented on 9-5-2011 At 10:02 am

Not an Amen. might be jammer though.

Commented on 9-5-2011 At 10:54 am

It's a Jammer Velvet Ride

Commented on 9-5-2011 At 11:31 am

The timing of this article couldn't be any better. I just obtained a 750 from a friend who lost all interest and I've been on the fence between cafe or chopper. If this isn't a sign, I don't know what is. NICE!

Commented on 9-5-2011 At 11:41 am

love the were the photos were taken and the CB's killer

Commented on 9-5-2011 At 12:00 pm

I love the scene for this photo shoot. So many of our bikes are shot in front of the garages where they were built.

Commented on 9-5-2011 At 12:24 pm

so many awesome things about that bike but i have to say the headlight/tail lamp choices are my favorite. they look killer as does the rest of the bike

Commented on 9-5-2011 At 05:56 pm

Eric is one cool person the ride and hang out with, fun bike and living life.

Commented on 9-6-2011 At 03:01 am

Did you guys happen to encounter any ewoks while you were out there?

Commented on 9-6-2011 At 09:51 am

Sometimes "period incorrect" is just right.
Please don't paint unicorns on the tank when you repaint....

Commented on 9-6-2011 At 11:26 am

Love the old Honda 750 choppers. Great choice.

Commented on 9-6-2011 At 12:52 pm

Looks killer, and a great setting for the photo shoot.

Commented on 9-6-2011 At 05:07 pm

That is not a Girder front end .

Your hair is getting long man !

Commented on 9-8-2011 At 01:48 pm

sick bobbers have girders, i know my bobber and my bobber definitely has a girder front end, it may look like a springer but bobbers need sick girder to make a bobber completely me ive seen at least 2 episodes of sons of anarchy. love type-ohs

Commented on 9-8-2011 At 03:13 pm

Don't you mena chopper/boobbers . :)

Commented on 9-9-2011 At 04:56 pm

really like the curve contrast be-twine the gas tank and seat killer

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