Easyriders Road Show, Pomona, CA


No individual or organization works harder to perpetuate the mythology of "the biker lifestyle" than Paisano Publications. This juggernaut's arsenal includes apparel, events-management, magazines and internet resources all working in synch to bring chrome-plated pomp to the masses.




The shimmering jewel in Paisano's crown of thorns is Easyriders magazine. This once revered rag was founded by wily entrepreneurs in the 1960's to help grow their fortunes in the burgeoning biker business, and it worked like a charm. They say nothing succeeds like excess, and Easyriders' four decades of decadence proves it. Unfortunately for anyone who prefers the low road to high style, Easyriders' spin on two-wheeled living can be a little hard to swallow.



When they told this master builder to give the devil his due, he thought Satan wanted a citrus soda pop


While the rest of the big twin universe cooled its jets in a blanket of snow this January, Paisano kicked off their Easyriders Road Show under sunny skies at the LA County Fairgrounds in Pomona, CA. The ravaging effect of last year's rocky economy were evident at this event, but did nothing to temper Paisano's agenda. For proof, consider the nine-dollar fee for motorcycle parking, 12 duccats for cars and 18 dollars per person at the gate. Two Diet Cokes, one chili fries and a sack of sweet and salty nuts later and the five Andy Jacksons in my pocket were but a distant memory.





Despite it all, I stood behind a hundred people at the ticket counter, and watched what looked like a grey-haired Rose Bowl parade of Screamin' Eagle t-shirts, 'do rags and HOG vests wander past the Limpnickie booth for five hours. If billet barges and quadraphonic stereo baggers are gay, Los Angelino motorcyclists are the least homophobic people on earth.



"Hey bro, get me another beer—I'm gonna check out this Harley Knightster"




Of course, one upside in the down market has been the rise of the blue-collar builder. For every skeleton-clad concept bike at this year's ERS, I saw at least one Sportster-powered street tracker, flaked-out chopper or '70s-inspired digger. I didn't spend another 40 bucks to hear how these machines fared in the eyes of Easyrider judges on Sunday, but if the ghosts of Billy the Kid and Captain America are smiling, at least one Raiders fan with a Mexican blanket strapped to his 24-inch apes went home without a trophy.



"'Scuse me sir—do these chaps make my ass look gay?"



As drag queens go, this one is tits



Another Foundry Moto creation, this one built on a Spartan frame with square down tube









Green: the color of money, but not always the color of envy



Jason Wilson at Sacred Steel built this tasty shovelhead to share the pleasure of motorcycling with his lovely lady friend





My personal favorite throwback chopper was this tidy and tastefully adorned Ironhead. Unfortunately, I was too enthralled by the hijinx of the militant lesbians from Dykes on Bykes MC to remember the builder's name





If Geico can save 15 percent on car insurance, you'd think they could spend 15 dollars on real grips





The Douche LaRouche posse was in full force



Riverside Slim has been moonlighting on four-strokes. Square pipes are a trademark of this enthusiastic fabricator's Mad Max aesthetic



Conversation overhead between two braided beards in matching cuts: "My old lady used to have one of these Hondas. They're mean little bikes."



Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip and see


Click here and here to learn more about Easyriders events and the roots of modern biker fashion




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Commented on 1-11-2010 At 06:58 am

Good article on the bike show. We had one here on the weekend & there was only 1 bike (dirt bike) in the lot. There was also a ft of snow in Calgary. R

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 07:39 am

Best quote ever, " Unfortunately, I was too enthralled by the hijinx of the militant lesbians from Dykes on Bykes MC to remember the builder's name."

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 07:40 am

all the chrome in the last photo made me ill.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 08:22 am

Great googley moogley

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 08:42 am

Come on, who doesn't like real fire?

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 09:22 am

Looks like that bed roll in the last photo gets a lot of use.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 09:36 am

9$ Budweiser was so good I had two.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 09:45 am

I'm going to doo whap my Honda with orange on orange with orange pipes now that that's obviously in. Half of those bikes look pretty cool, the other half are the next guys wetty. Thanks for the report on a show I'll never attend again (once was enough). Also glad to hear (and see) Sportsters getting some love.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 09:52 am

9 bones for piss water??!?! Fuck! There better be some naked chicks for that kind of doe for shit beer.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 10:03 am

I'd like to see a article on the gold sportster. That bike is about perfect in my eyes.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 10:05 am

Cycle World bike show in Minneapolis in a few weeks. Bound to be 1/2 dozen cool bikes there, but you got to look really really hard to find'em

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 10:07 am

Oh my god, all that chrome. It's like biker hell. I think I need a wash after looking at that. I can't imagine how fucked up actually being there would have been. I bet there were cooler bikes at the nearby strip club.

I get the feeling those bikes would shatter if you started them, or worse, actually rode them on a public thoroughfare...

I am glad I will never be talented enough or bank rolled enough to ever put a bike like that together. I think the chrome even washes the cool paint jobs out.... Suddenly hummingbirds seem so refreshing and appealing....

~Rev Mike

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 10:07 am


Commented on 1-11-2010 At 10:07 am

we went three years in a row. when it got to $10 a person to get in we stopped. there isnt much "scene" around here.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 10:14 am

some pretty dope ass bikes. iono about the wardrobes though...

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 10:16 am

Back in the day, Easyriders was about nude chicks and downed bros. Remember when they had the prison pen pal lists? I almost wrote a girl in prison. I figured she'd prob put out... Now, fuck, they have to keep that shit covered up, not because of the TITs, but because of the CHROME...

Fuck me, does anyone PAINT shit anymore... ??

How much work goes into one of those bikes that is made up to look like it was made in someone's garage and has pretend old, used parts on it? Why make new shit look old?

I need to go for a ride....

~Rev Mike

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 10:39 am

I guess you took one for the team, reporting this show for us. Thanks!

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 10:48 am

I went last year, the show in Sacramento. it was a huge bummer! my friend wanted to join PY Bagger Nation! then i came across Gabe at his After Hours Choppers booth. He had his street tracker sporty front and center. On his unpainted gas tank it said "fuck your bagger" in sharpie! I thanked him. that bike caused my friend to get pissed at me! he told me i have a girl bike. hahaha bagger nation can suck a dick!

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 11:12 am

Magoo, a fellow Larouche,Paul Cavallos, built the sporty you were lookin at. Its for sale too, if anyone is interested pm for details.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 12:03 pm

Hal's write ups are fucking hilarious.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 12:37 pm

Loewe: "I guess you took one for the team, reporting this show for us. Thanks!"

OK - now *that's* funny!

That gold hardtail front and center in the first pic looks the business. Nice and simple.

I'll bet chrome polish stocks soared the weekend of this show.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 01:17 pm

now that i dont live in californistan any more i miss all the good stuff

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 01:36 pm

Good write up, not suprising about most of the bikes that were there. Look at any of the current Easyrider mags, nothing but billet barges and check book choppers.
Anyone remember Miraculas Motha?

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 01:53 pm

Slim has some wild bikes love that guys work.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 04:00 pm

"but if the ghosts of Billy the Kid and Captain America are smiling, at least one Raiders fan with a Mexican blanket strapped to his 24-inch apes went home without a trophy."

hahahahaha! classic

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 06:14 pm

There was a lot grass, dirt and cum stains on the bed rolls those last 2 bikes.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 06:53 pm

Mmmm skulls and demons galore.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 08:28 pm

I cannot read the teeny tiny print under the photos, thank you.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 08:33 pm

You read my mind! Haaaa!

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 08:35 pm

Tha above comment was directed to Caleb's post about the bed roll looking like it has never been used.

Commented on 1-11-2010 At 08:38 pm

I bumped the caption size up one for you Lowfiron

Commented on 1-12-2010 At 08:27 am

That Budweiser tank is ridiculous.

Commented on 1-12-2010 At 11:13 am

The commentary under the photos is hilarious. Wish we could see some pics of the lesos even though I know I'm better off picturing them in my head as hot. Which I'm sure is far from true.

Commented on 1-12-2010 At 02:27 pm

methinks that pipes on the inside of the rear tubes is the next red rims and whitewalls..hope not

Commented on 1-12-2010 At 03:56 pm

ah you guys are just hate'n. these conventons and easyriders tell me what to like and what the fads are. plus i'd give my lefty to be there afor the table with all the sweet leather vests and tasles. ha ha.

Commented on 1-12-2010 At 07:33 pm

Wow, does anyone do skulls cool anymore? I think that's my next challenge. Put a skull on a bike and have it look cool. The last cool skull I saw was the Exploited cover, or maybe the Corrosion of Conformity one; what happened to the good 'old days?

That Geico Caveman bike is a Powerplant Choppers bike, they have some cools sleds crankin up and down Melrose in L.A., so more power to them. Yaniv cranks out some nice machines. People are payin' top dollar for those.

Why didn't Slim do the Book of Eli bikes? Because Hollywood is a dead hooker corpse, that's why.

Commented on 1-12-2010 At 10:18 pm

looked like some really cool bikes and some really generic ones too. pisses me off when they charge an arm and a leg for events like that. fun to attend every once in a while if ya got the $$ but i don't make a habit outta it

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 07:24 am

Dear Sir:

In honor of these bike, I'm having a chrome mug made to drink my rootbeer out of.... I was going to have some cool designs cut into it with a water jet, but then the root beer might leak out all over. Do you think that matters? I mean, if it looks cool, does it matter if it really works?

Perplexed in Pacoima

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 07:37 am

The interesting thing about the Powerplant Geico bike, is -- that is probably the least flattering angle to shoot the bike at. The lighting makes the brown look like smeared hershey bar. And you miss all the cool tank work and a lot of the little details. I wonder how appreciated hammered metal would be at a chrome orgy.

~Rev Mike

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 09:16 am

I like the "Budweiser" tank bike, very nice!

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 09:18 am

Well I hope that, someday, my country has one of these beautiful bike festivals.

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 09:19 am

Hey Mike, thanks for the Geico photo tip. I shot it with the intent of joking about its friction tape grips, and I wanted to make sure the lizard was looming in the background to drive the whole corporate theme bike vibe home. If we were doing a feature, we'd shoot more and different angles, hand-hammered details included. Under any light to these old eyes, the brown powdercoated rims did look like smeared Hershey bars. The color wasn't my point, but now that you mention it, I better pick up some Depends for my drive to Phoenix this weekend. Thanks for reminding me...

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 11:10 am

wow. skulls demons denium leather and chrome. hmmmmmmm

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 01:59 pm

Diggin that Budweiser Shovel!

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 04:28 pm

I second what Wes said - 'Great googley moogley'. Baggers with apes with mexican blankets - I've never seen that before... oh and the handle bar whips are tres chic....

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 06:38 pm

McGoo: I figured you were making a point there and displaying the bike wasn't it. Besides if it looked TOO badass it would fuck up the theme of the article.

You gotta admit though, it IS melted Hershey bar. That should be a House of Kolor item....

Don't worry about your old eyes... if the subject isn't yelling "Hey over HERE, asshole" I usually miss out...

~Rev Mike

Commented on 1-16-2010 At 09:17 am

the sign on powerplants geico bike says it all about their accident policy

Commented on 1-17-2010 At 06:54 am

I was thinking the sign on the Powerplant bike was because there were people there that actually thought it might be ok to sit on a stranger's motorcycle....

Look Ma, I'm surfin'...... Johnny get down before you scuff the nice man's paint....

Commented on 1-17-2010 At 09:12 pm

Ah ha ha ha. So did anyone actually click on the two little links he put at the end of the article. "Gay Leather Fetish". Ah ha ha ha ha. The guy who wrote this is freaking awesome. I want to shake his hand. The captions, the satire, and the icing on the cake has gotta be that one link. Too funny.

Commented on 1-17-2010 At 09:26 pm

i checked out the link, pretty damn entertaining

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