DTMC Chopper Campout Report


May 15th 2010, The Old Corner Saloon in Copperopolis, CA hosted the second annual DTMC Chopper Campout. The Gold Country in Northern California is home to some of the best highways in the country, seemingly designed with outlaw chopper riding in mind. The vibe at the bar was low-key and fun, with a handful of bands, great bloody Mary's and a fair patch of free grass to plop down a bedroll. Here's a collection of photos shot by me, Holly Anderson and Suzie Vasko.

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Commented on 5-26-2010 At 06:20 am

Alot of nice bikes here, great pics!!

Commented on 5-26-2010 At 08:25 am

i seriously need to get out more so i can see this stuff in person.

Commented on 5-26-2010 At 10:04 am

Was my first attend but had met some of the Deathtrap guys through friends at the Oakland DicE party earlier this year.Cool dudes w/cool "deathtraps".

Commented on 5-26-2010 At 10:11 am

that scoot with the polished visor/fairing is tough as nails - anymore info on that bad boy?

Commented on 5-26-2010 At 01:53 pm

Damn nice bikes!

Commented on 5-26-2010 At 02:35 pm

For some reason, I dig that orange shovel! That thing is just plain tits and looks like a good road bike. Hmmmmm!!

Commented on 5-27-2010 At 03:24 am

looks like 2 dollar fluff and my dick aint hard

Commented on 5-27-2010 At 03:28 am

must have been a stand around spit n bitch

Commented on 5-27-2010 At 12:05 pm

Commented on 5-27-2010 At 12:05 pm

Commented on 5-27-2010 At 12:35 pm

I think I liked it better when an MC had to have a little bit of privacy and stealth about their ongoings and outgoings. But I guess with friends who wear red n white you can pretty much do whatever ya want. Maybe the days of celebrity bike painters and egocentric mini-mags have taken us all over. Or maybe I am just a MAJOR hater.

Nice looking bikes.

Commented on 5-27-2010 At 05:00 pm

The shovel w fairing is Jasin Phares - as with all 4Q stuff it is top notch!

Commented on 5-28-2010 At 12:17 pm

thx for the info LAV

Commented on 5-31-2010 At 12:41 am

Here's another set
click on the "gallery' button then "Campout2010" the first event on the list..
I got there late afternoon when it was pretty crowded, so the pics are as much about the people and the event as about the bikes..

Commented on 5-31-2010 At 01:25 pm

It was indeed an epic time, the way it should be! Low key, no attitudes and the best ride to and from, Highway 49 all the way there and back. A low key show nobody anticipated, just as it should be.


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