Dr. Kevin Moore's Softail


Sometimes you can turn a turd into a gem. Other times you can turn a gem into a turd. That’s what Kevin Moore likes to do. Last year Kevin acquired his 2001 Jade Green Night Train from a Harley mechanic. He bought it dirt cheap, reaping the rewards of today’s crappy economy. The previous owner had bolted on a plethora of aftermarket parts, rebuilt the engine with Screaming Eagle components, and kept it impeccably clean. It was indeed a gem. Kevin would change all that.

I don’t like gems. They’re too pristine. They’re objects we worrying about. I like dirty. I like used. I like brown. Something needed to change. The entire bike needed to be dismantled and rebuilt through a metamorphosis of sparks and liquid metal. And so it began. The stock air cleaner cover was discarded, reborn as a riveted sand casting of bronze. The plastic tank cover was burned in effigy, a sign of parts not fit for a motorcycle. Sheet brass took its place, hand formed and adorned with buttonhead rivets. The front brake lines were remade with copper tubing and compression fittings, pulling together the air cleaner and tank covers. The stock headlight was relieved of duty, replaced by a '40s hotrod headlight mounted with an old rusty wrench bought for a dollar. Shiny fork legs were transformed to matte black with lowered springs. The mismatched wheels were rejected for a pair of anniversary gold Harley 9-spokes. Forgotten was the precious Jade Green finish, replaced by a subtle matte brown suggestive of functional objects from World Wars. And finally, a horse somewhere was stripped of its saddle bag burden so this dark and worn bagger could be born.

Enter the Chocolate Train.



Model: 2001 Harley Davidson Night Train 

Engine: 88 Twin Cam B

Wheels: 9-spoke anniversary, the only year Harley made them in gold

Paint: Matte brown by Lucky 7 in Antioch, CA

Headlight: '40s hotrod mounted with an old rusty wrench. Thanks to Grant “Peacock” Reynolds for the suggestion

Handlebars: 14” Burly Ape Hangers, which are in fact 15”

Risers: Flyrite

Grips: Lowbrow Customs charcoal metalflake

Air cleaner cover: Cast bronze with buttonhead rivets

Tank cover: Hand-formed sheet brass with buttonhead rivets

Tank emblems: Replica 1958 panhead

Seat: Simple old LePera

Saddle bags: Leather bags from a horse

Tool roll: A real old job found on Ebay in the antique section

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Commented on 3-30-2011 At 06:06 am

i thought this was CHOP cult?! looks like a dealership piece with apes...

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 07:13 am


Commented on 3-30-2011 At 07:19 am

Its allright.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 07:23 am

Couldnt find anything else to report on????

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 08:42 am

Wow, the haters are out in force this morning. I like it (especially after reading the write up). Taking something and making it your own is what this place is about.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 08:43 am

I've seen "The Chocolate Train" before and I agree, I was not impressed! In fact I was pretty disgusted! 20 black cocks on one little spanish girl? C'mon, that's fucking gross. Fuck, now I got that goddamn Jodeci song in my head!

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 09:53 am

Im all about work with what you got, Not sure what a stock night train looks like, but im sure i would rather ride this

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 10:25 am

Way to conservative imo...(no innovative fabrication, no tastefully obnoxious colors, no larger-than-life detailing)

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 10:31 am

The winner of the Cocktogon can ride any damn bike he pleases. Shit, Sonny Barger rides a fucking Victory and an ugly one at that, you hating on him?

word. Dr. Cocktogon rules!

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 10:47 am

I would ride the shit outta that. You all have sand in your vaginas.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 11:39 am

Eh to each their own I guess. Not really my thing.....

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 11:59 am

Very,very nice for a daily driver..and that was the concept I believe.
100 mi. between gas fillups, paint easy to take care of, some onboard
storage, ride-it-don't-wrench-it mechanicals. A rad chop it's not, but really guys, what's not to like?

I'm no fan of apes(and not tall enough to ride with them!) and I like a teardrop
toolbox(for lockable storage) somewhere on the bike, but that's just me.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 12:02 pm

i'm diggin the A/C. i'm w/ derek on this one. i certainly aint gotta ride the fucker.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 12:04 pm

...and for daily driving I'd want some "symbolic" turn signals and maybe a "symbolic" little front fender/fork brace dealie-o.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 12:20 pm

The owner of this bike put his balls on my tank. I was not happy to say the least. I call this bike the chocolate turd. It absolutley halls ass and will smoke half the shit out there- just like me.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 01:17 pm

Why does it have to be a full blown custom to be here!? ON the same token, I guess the peeps here have proven that the CC showcase sets a pretty high standard for it's features. With that being said, if you're gonna h8 on a CC brother, go back to the JJ.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 02:17 pm

I dig it, those gold spokes will be worth some cash in the future I am sure.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 04:04 pm

something different than the same old. i hate softails, but this bike has its own cool to it. Im glad CC has the balls to show everything, not just the norm.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 04:22 pm

I like it. I can afford one bike, so it better be able to take me anywhere i want it to, when i want it too, not just to the closest california "chopper" party. I would take it over a metalflake/lace/rigid anyday. Congrats on taking a boring chrome boat and making a fun and reliable bike out of it.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 05:07 pm

this in the CHOP CULT. its nice, i guess, for what it is.... but this is the CHOP CULT.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 05:29 pm

I hate softtails... But I dig this one. Great color. Rims kill. Seems like you made quite an impression! Bonus.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 05:50 pm

i think your all a bunch of bitches...

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 05:56 pm

I don't think I've ever posted twice on a feature but geesh, calm down on the "This is Chop Cult" crap. It was said in the first five comments and it doesn't sound any better after comment 22?

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 06:07 pm

Should have let the fuckin train in the background run over the bike and give it some real patina.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 06:29 pm

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 06:59 pm

I love vintage headlights, but that one looks like it's as big as the freakin' motor! Makes the front end look like a midget if you squint (no offense to midgets.)

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 07:53 pm

Like the hard-plumbed brake line and what normally would be wheels I wouldn't look twice at.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 09:13 pm

a motorcycle is a motorcycle none of you guys have to ride it so don't hate on the guy's bike and i'm sure most of the haters on here don't even ride anyway

and most of the people on here buy a stock sportster cut the fender put after market bars on it and put the liscense plate to the side and call it a chopper anyway

just sayin

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 09:30 pm

pass the doobie alredy- jeesh.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 09:37 pm

great job captain cocktogon... i love the apes & the count chocula paint.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 10:03 pm

Dr. Cock....tagon can do what he pleases.

Commented on 3-30-2011 At 11:34 pm

at least he's period correct even down to the tires

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 01:59 am

I actually dig this bike! Not everything has to be a hard-tailed panhead to be cool, haters....

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 03:43 am

Hate hate hate hate hate! Chop that rear fender!

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 05:13 am

The only crime this doc is guilty of is building a bike to fit his own taste that he can ride the piss out of.

I would rather see 10 bikes like this than the now tired Hardtail'd, metalflak'd, king queen seat'd choppers that might as well be the new 300 rear tire bikes.

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 05:38 am

Well no one will steal it

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 08:04 am

I'm into all kinda bikes, Sport, chops, 70's fugly jap stock, and dirt, but... I'm having a hard time liking this one. Some of the things are trick, I dig the brown, and really love the light and the air cleaner cover, even the 2-1 exhaust if it didn't have the muffler.

but... all together it doesn't seem to fit, most seem out of place. Not that I have an eye for style. I think I would need to see the bike in person.

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 09:49 am

"chop what ya got" and "how you want".....every bike shouldn't look like your bike and your bike shouldn't look like every bike. Stay dirty my friends!

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 12:23 pm

i think the bike looks great! nice job.

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 12:26 pm

Two things 1. That is a big goddamn headlight. 2. Some of you guys are really fussy.

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 01:52 pm

Hey dannyb "... it better be able to take me anywhere i want it to, when i want it too, not just to the closest california "chopper" party." That's funny but so true! So true. Every weekend there's a party here.

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 01:54 pm

its chopped to about the same extent my 2009 nightster will be when done, enough to look different, but definately not a chop custom. its a cool enough bike, but as i was told when i joined "dont expect a factory bike with a few mods to get much of a response on here" this is CHOP CULT not MOD cult, like i said the bike is cool enough, but its modded not chopped.

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 03:11 pm

I for one think this bike is a rad daily rider.

More importantly, the guy who made it is a stud. He's shockingly good looking with subtle charm and humor. He freely gives hugs and has often been seen saving small wounded animals. Word on the street is that he will be giving out some of those hugs in Mexico at the EDR!

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 03:23 pm

Doc Moore can we get a few more pics? There are some really trick items on the bike.

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 03:32 pm

Just seems like if this is what passes for custom nowdays, I've wasted far too many hours in the garage...

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 03:40 pm


Commented on 3-31-2011 At 03:46 pm

i guess its not cool cuz theres no miller high life cans or pbr cans in the photos .Whats up with that.And whats up with u guys on here saying" Cheers" when your from the USA

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 04:54 pm

hey Kev.. just fyi, railroad districts have safety officers that look for this kinda stuff, even making a powerpoint presentation slideshow with pics like yours for anual RR contractor safety trainings. Throwing up your L-plate in plain view on the tracks can get you some heat..

Cheers.. I mean.. Prost!

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 05:12 pm

I told you you shoulda named it the Choco Taco, nobody can hate on a Choco Taco....definately a split crowd huh? Fuck it, I wouldn't ride your bike Kevin, but then, you wouldn't ride mine...I just like the way you make that thing your bitch, know what I'm sayin....tank humper....this thing is cooler than a box of yoohoo....because Kevin built it his way and rides the shit out of it, end of story....

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 06:04 pm

A bit snarky, but in reality, i do wish we had more parties/shows and such here in frozen MN.

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