Dr. Cox's Ironhead


When he isn't running amok with his blood brother Kyle and their fellow Lords of Loud in the Sooner State, Dr. Jerimy Cox cracks bones as a successful chiropractor in Ponca City. How a tattooed terror with a boyish grin and a surgeon's hands can heal by day and raise hell by night is a tall tale for another day. The Leak is just what this doctor ordered for good times, and this is its story.


About three years ago my little brother decided to buy his first Harley. We drove two hours from our home in Ponca City to pick up that bike, but it just wasn't our style. Less than a week after he bought the bike, Kyle sideswiped a dog and down he went. My brother broke his elbow, killed the dog and messed up the bike really bad. We rebuilt the ironhead while Kyle's elbow was healing. Eight months later Kyle cooked the crank bearing doing the biggest burnout ever at our oldest brother's wedding. To help Kyle out I bought his burned-up bike and he helped me build it back to what you see today. The project took four or five months, and we had a blast.

Most parts from the build where either donated by friends or bought cheap at Okie swap meets. The Leak got its name on my very first shakedown run. A crack in the gas tank sent fuel pouring everywhere and it ate up my spray bomb paint job. I fixed the leak and a friend gave it the DIY lace paintjob. Of course, it always leaks oil, so the name just stuck.

I want to thank my wife for dealing with me and my "lifestyle," my brothers, the Lords of Loud who drank beer while we worked, and all the guys on ChopCult for sharing good ideas.

Motor size, year, model, and mods: 1977 1000cc Harley ironhead Sportster built by Truett and Osborn. Bored some, CV carb, Slinky breather by Bench*Mark

Frame style, year, model and mods: Stock '77 Sporty with homebuilt hardtail by my brother Kyle "Krown" Cox

Fork model, year, style and mods: 2" under springer my brother bartered for. It was originally off some old metric cruiser; Kyle shortened it six inches

Front tire size and model/brand: 21" Cheng Shin

Rear tire size and model/brand: 4.50" x 18" Firestone

Front wheel rim size, hub style: 21" steel rim laced to stock ironhead front hub

Rear wheel rim size, hub style: Stock ironhead hub laced to an 18" rim

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Commented on 8-27-2011 At 11:55 am

What a kool assembly of parts

Commented on 12-15-2013 At 01:29 am

What a clean bike! show quality...Looks like the owner barely rides it at all!!

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