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ChopCult readers often demand more detail shots of the interesting tidbits that make hand-built motorcycles so fun to look at. Since finding the owners of show bikes at bike shows is usually a pain in the ass, we're more than happy to oblige. Here are some widgets and gizmos that caught our eye on bikes at this month's Dave Mann Chopperfest.


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Commented on 12-21-2011 At 06:14 am

A lot of amazing ideas there.

Commented on 12-21-2011 At 06:21 am

Much better!

Commented on 12-21-2011 At 06:59 am

I love that the nitemare bike keeps popping up! Whens the feature on that one?

Commented on 12-21-2011 At 07:50 am

Hear hear! Let's see the Nitemare bike!

Commented on 12-21-2011 At 08:28 am

cool stuff!...when it comes to well exicuted details I can be positive that non of my shit will ever come up in the conversation haha.

Commented on 12-21-2011 At 08:35 am

I'm starting to really like those frames with all the molding on them. That should be a "Focus" article.

Commented on 12-21-2011 At 09:22 am

Awesome article, lots of inspiration here.

Commented on 12-21-2011 At 11:42 am

Great photos. They really get the wheels turning.

Commented on 12-21-2011 At 01:03 pm

the top motor mount is something I always check out on a home built bike. So many interesting ways to make it work....

Commented on 12-21-2011 At 01:31 pm

Great shots!!! As one of those people always bitching, I thank you! Hahahaha

Commented on 12-21-2011 At 09:46 pm

awesome gives me some good ideas

Commented on 12-23-2011 At 11:13 am

As someone who is new to this, it's really nice to see these shots. All the little things add up to make amazing machines.

Commented on 12-23-2011 At 03:56 pm

so many cool ideas it's retarded. this was like staring at boobs

Commented on 12-31-2011 At 05:47 pm

Great builds some many clean ideas

Commented on 1-24-2012 At 06:49 pm

There is some incredible stuff out there! I can't believe how a lot of it is just simple materials that you can easily fit up as useful motorcycle parts with next to no metal-fab experience at all!

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