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I would like to introduce you to Debbie Fitch, an amazing photographer based in Baltimore, MD. She has graciously joined this fine circus and we'll be showcasing builders and bikes from her area. Debbie is determined to capture her photos in the moment, an action that almost killed her last year.


"My Doctors think I either passed out or had a seizure while riding. It was around noon on Saturday, June 23and I was shooting for my good friend Oliver Jones at Cut Rate and Cycle Headz Magazine. I sped up to go get into a good shooting position and don't remember much after that. The guys said that I just swerved off the road and then all hell broke loose. I was not shooting at the time...if I was, I probably wouldn't have crashed...I wouldn't risk losing a good shot.

I sustained a broken collarbone, broken ankle, snapped MCL, PCL & Medial Meniscus in my knee, busted elbow and broken back in six places. Banged my head pretty bad and am dealing with some memory loss and other "head shit" but it could have been much worse if quick thinking Oliver didn't take a chance and pull my head out from under the guardrail where my breathing was completely cut off. He saved my life...period. I now sport a Cut Rate (skull and crossbones) logo tattoo on my wrist to remind me daily that shit might actually work out...just take a chance. I took it upon myself to change the "F.O.A.D." that was originally on the design to "F.O.A.L." ...cause living is much more fun. Oliver had no issue what so ever with me doing so. I still have a long road ahead and another major surgery this coming Fall to rebuild my knee but thanks to my super-duper bionic knee brace and kickass physical therapists and doctors... I will be spending this summer on two wheels, traveling the country, camera in hand! F**k Off and Live!"


Name: Debbie Fitch

Location: Baltimore, MD

Company name: D.Fitch Photography


How long have you been shooting: I started shooting seriously at 14. I was never a good student by any means...spent more time in my permanent chair in the principles office than in my chair in class and failed most if not all my non-art related classes. The darkroom at school was my church. It got to the point that my mom ended up buying me my own very old and very used darkroom equipment to set up in my bedroom closet so I could continue to do what I loved. She has always been my biggest supporter...always finding the good out of all my crazy mistakes and antics.


What was your first camera: A Pentax K1000 with a 35mm lens which still sits on a shelf right next to me in my studio. Keeps me humble and reminds me that the best photos can still be made with the simplest of equipment.


Favorite location to shoot: On the seat of my Harley...any road...any time.


Best photoshoot to date: I have to say that my last shoot with Bobby Seegar of Indian Larry. We were shooting their new bike The White Devil; my back was still broken and I couldn't ride so I hopped in the bed of Bobby's truck and had our friend drive me around on a chilly Sunday morning shooting Bobby as he tore up the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn, NY. The shoot will be featured in Hot Bike magazine within the next few months. I learned three very important things that day: 1. There are a ton of hookers available in NYC on an Sunday morning.

2. Bobby Seegar can pretty much do whatever he wants to in Brooklyn....he may actually be the mayor.

3. In the future, it may not be the best idea to ride in the bed of a big-ass truck...for the cold...on cobblestone streets...with a broken back.


Anyone you would like to thank: My mother...for her amazing support, and spending her money on camera equipment instead of a tutor. Oliver Jones for looking like a ruler in all the photos I take of him...oh, and saving my life. All my amazing longtime and brand spankin new friends for supporting my broken ass through the last know who you are! Last but certainly not least, my partner in crime, Mona deLux for your selflessness and love...and being drop dead gorgeous!

To see more of Debbie's work, check out her website and give her a follow on Facebook and Instagram

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Commented on 3-8-2013 At 04:35 am

Awesome article on an extremely talented photographer. Love you Deb and keep on keeping on! I'm extremely proud to know you and i have been a huge fan of you and your work since the first day i was introduced to it. Your passion for what you do is shown through your work and your love for life is proven with how hard you've been working to get back on 2 wheels. Love you Deb and we'll be toasting with a nice drink and smoking a good stogie soon enough.

Commented on 3-8-2013 At 04:37 am

Great shots, great attitude! F.O.A.L

Commented on 3-8-2013 At 05:23 am

Totally love it.

Commented on 3-8-2013 At 06:15 am

NIce work<

Commented on 3-8-2013 At 07:38 am

I met Debbie a little over a year ago. Love her work and she is an amazing person. I was heart broken when I heard she was in the accident but relieved to hear that my cousin Oliver was right there to save her life. I plan on having her do a small shoot of my bike when its finished.

Commented on 3-8-2013 At 08:16 am

Blown away by all the support! Thanks so much!!!

Commented on 3-8-2013 At 10:33 am

Glad to see good people doing well and getting breaks to progress their craft. Your work speaks volumes of the emotion of motorcycles and the people. I look forward to seeing more D Fitch bylines in the months and years to come! Tim

Commented on 3-8-2013 At 11:03 am

F. O. A. L. !!!!!

Commented on 3-8-2013 At 03:36 pm

Very awesome! Keep it up!

Commented on 3-8-2013 At 04:37 pm

A true fighter; great pics!

Commented on 3-8-2013 At 08:55 pm

Good stuff

Commented on 3-11-2013 At 08:18 pm

dig yer photo's nice work... i luv photography my self and seeing what yer doing and getting props on CC thats rad and inspires me to keep pushing forward with my pics.. good luck with surgery and still healing frm the wreck.. thats scary stuff..

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