Dave Roberts' 1952 Triumph 6T




When Dave pulled the bike out after his dad's passing he found a well-preserved example of a 1960's Triumph custom. The tank and fender were re-shot in mile-thick red metallic and the frame was cleaned and left in the condition it was found in. This bike had all the right shit from back in the day, a perfect pre-unit rigid frame and front end with MCM fork covers, Bates seat and headlight, Flanders bars, Wassell tank, and fender original pre-unit controls and 19-inch wheels, and every bit of the trim and hardware was chromed.



Every nut and bolt came off the bike at Classic Cycles in Orange, CA where Andy worked on rebuilding the engine and Tony and Ryan tore into the rest of the bike. For reliablty, the CC team swapped the old Lucas Mag for a Hunt and the charging system was updated with a Podtronics solid state regulator. They told Dave they needed to test ride this bike for a while and make sure there are no bugs....





Click the image above to download a desktop background of this gorgeous bike.

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Commented on 9-29-2009 At 10:03 pm

Simply Georgeous

Commented on 9-29-2009 At 11:15 pm

"Some guys have all the luck!"

i dont think it's exactly 'luck' when you lose your father, no matter what you inherit. it is a nice bike though.

Commented on 9-29-2009 At 11:58 pm

Solid, I took that part out after the fact since you misunderstood it, I must not have been clear. To me, luck meant having a cool dad that was into neat stuff like Triumphs and Mopars. No disrespect meant at all.

Commented on 9-30-2009 At 01:16 am

That's a really nice bike.

Commented on 9-30-2009 At 04:37 am

good god - that bike is fucking phenomenal.

Commented on 9-30-2009 At 07:17 am

Sexy...just sexy. Man why can't I find a treasure like that? I think I may need to test ride it for a while after the CC guys to make sure there are no bugs too...

Commented on 9-30-2009 At 08:28 am

A real treasure! What a piece to have as a memory.

Commented on 9-30-2009 At 08:41 am

Awesome write up Bill... Didn't even know you did that, cool surprise! Probably would have helped if I was at our damn show, huh? Still pissed about that!


Commented on 9-30-2009 At 09:30 am


Commented on 9-30-2009 At 09:58 am

That is an amazing motorcycle, to have that kind of connection to your machine must be very special indeed. It must be like you have Dad with you all the time. To actually have the same experience as your father on the same machine, man I can't even imagine what that must be like. You are fortunate to have that piece of your Pops history and style with you. How could you ever sell that thing? I built a bike for my Son and he has had some tough times. Tried to get him to sell the bike but he just won't do it,. guess I might be the same way if my Pops built me something. One day you can pass that on to your kid and he (or she) can continue the sharing of the experience. That is defineatly heavy.

Commented on 9-30-2009 At 11:46 am

This is the coolest, nicest looking bike I have seen on here so far..IMO

Commented on 9-30-2009 At 02:55 pm

Great job, really nice.

Commented on 9-30-2009 At 03:40 pm

Yep - one fine machine and the history to boot, makes it one of the finest around...

Commented on 9-30-2009 At 05:46 pm

Great bike. But it's history makes it truly great.

Commented on 9-30-2009 At 05:49 pm

man! so clean! i just love it. stellar job c.c.

Commented on 10-1-2009 At 10:51 am

Another example of how cool bikes tend to either stay in the family, or come full circle to a close friend or next of kin.
Hell, my current project is one I helped a friend build nearly 10 years ago.

Commented on 10-1-2009 At 05:43 pm

I'm in love

Commented on 10-3-2009 At 01:28 pm

ditto- so fine

Commented on 10-1-2009 At 08:19 pm

when i read this i swear i heard "cats in the cradle" in the background. What a great story and a fantastic bike.

Commented on 10-2-2009 At 04:44 pm

Incredible bike...

He did his dad proud, I'd bet...

Commented on 10-3-2009 At 08:38 pm

The bike is absolutely killer in person, pics are great but don't do the bike justice! Dave's dad Big Al must have been a really cool guy, he has pics of the bike back in 1962 when his dad turned it into a candy apple red chrome monster!! Somewhere at the shop we have a pic when Dave rolled it out into the light of day after almost a 40 year slumber. All of this and Dave is a really cool guy to boot.

Commented on 10-6-2009 At 04:05 pm

love the bike, especially the 19" wheels on both ends... nothing like a skinny bike.

Commented on 3-1-2010 At 04:47 pm

Just clean and way cool!

Commented on 3-1-2010 At 04:47 pm

Just clean and way cool!

Commented on 3-23-2010 At 11:06 pm

saw it at classic cycles sick! having lunch one day heard a cool bike so I looked over my shoulder to see this bike going down main street at HB, sounds killer.

Commented on 6-1-2010 At 05:41 pm

love the color

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 01:17 pm

cool. missing something though?/

Commented on 9-25-2015 At 08:09 am

Nice Clean Bike!!!

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