Dan Collins' Ramblin' Rose


I first laid eyes on The Rambling Rose during our recent visit to the Ventura Nationals. There were a few pre- parties on Main Street and they were packed to the gills. Needing to take a break from the overwhelming crowds, I walked outside and was immediately punched in the face with Dan Collins’ bike. Maybe it was the way the street light shined down on it, but The Rambling Rose spoke to me. No bells or whistles, just a solid runner with style. If you know Dan, you know he goes above the norm with his builds and takes fabrication to the next level. I often wonder if he had to restrain himself with this build as it is simple, but perfect. People say "less is more" and I agree; with Dan’s bike, it's spot on. Enjoy!


Photos By Dan Collins



Owner name, location: Dan Collins, Ventura Ca.


Bike name:  Ramblin' Rose.



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1945 Harley Davidson, Knucklehead.



Frame: 1948 Panhead Wishbone.



Fork: Ron Finch single spring Cyclops springer.


Chassis mods: Molded frame, no sidecar loops etc.



Tire/wheel size and style: 16" stock mechanical brake star hub w/ Beck 21" Spool w/ Avon speedmaster.



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Old Gold Garage Snakecharmer seat, sissybar by LeBeef, stainless heroin bars, capped Hummer tank with Panhead badges, painted by me, '36 Ford spare tire cover rear fender, Tailgunner Taillight,  Guide Headlight and running light, Handmade bird deflector by me, 80" stroker motor with UL flathead flywheels.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include:  These pics were taken in and around Death Valley a few months ago. On the way home from the Death Valley Run. I decided to stay another night and ride home solo, about an hour after these pics were taken I lost compression in the motor and that was all she wrote until I have a chance to go through the engine. Thanks to Lisa Ballard and the Chopcult followers for helping me get a truck to drag my sorry ass home that day from Mohave.




Thanks to: Kiyo for my Linkert, Ryan Grossman for the Finch springer



Check out Dan's website and give him a follow on Facebook and Instagram.


Photo by Geoff Kowalchuk 

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Commented on 3-3-2014 At 10:24 am

Whoa! Thats a cool one!!

Commented on 3-3-2014 At 10:42 am

I had a Ron Finch up untill two years ago here in Central Ariz. I sold it at the swapmeet I wonder if it could be the same one???I LOVE BIKEs with parts mixed in thru the years.- Is that a hummer gas tank???

Commented on 3-3-2014 At 12:20 pm

Ramble on baby, settle down easy.

Commented on 3-3-2014 At 02:08 pm

Yep that pretty much defies words....

Commented on 3-3-2014 At 02:22 pm

Keep up with the chopper dope! This death trap reigns up there with uncle sam and the locust, thanks for more inspiration.

Commented on 3-3-2014 At 08:14 pm

the simplicity is beautiful.

Commented on 3-3-2014 At 08:40 pm

So Strong.

Commented on 3-3-2014 At 11:06 pm

I agree with Eazy.... Simplicity=beauty. Love this thing.
Really enjoy the photo location, too. I grew up making Death Valley trips with my Pops, that desert always holds a special place for me.

Commented on 3-3-2014 At 11:18 pm

This bike is perfect, just perfect.

Commented on 3-4-2014 At 06:45 am

That is a true piece of history and art.

Commented on 3-4-2014 At 11:18 am

Solid guy and a solid bike!

Commented on 3-4-2014 At 01:15 pm

What a beauty!

Commented on 3-4-2014 At 11:31 pm

That single springer/headlight combo is the bee'z kneez

Commented on 3-5-2014 At 07:50 am

wow. love this thing

Commented on 3-5-2014 At 10:20 am

killer bike.

Commented on 3-5-2014 At 10:56 am

I'm glad you guys like this feature. Its refreshing to read positive comments, thank you!

Commented on 3-7-2014 At 04:08 am

That Knuckle head motor is so art deco is is truly a work of art and belongs in the Smithsonian. When you add the old iron look of the springer and the bars that flow from the springer into the motor, they too are the same style and blend so well with the whole bike. That is what gives it the look of simplicity because everything flows into each other to make one piece as opposed to a collection of parts. Simple yes but very beautiful and complex in that respect.

Commented on 6-29-2014 At 08:16 am

Artistically, I love the way this comes together. There aren't a lot of components that would appeal to me on a bike, but the way everything works together and complements/compliments the other pieces really demonstrates artistic and mechanical genius. All that said, if the bars are ever missing on this bike, I probably took them.


Commented on 9-30-2015 At 09:45 am

In the day this was the way. I like to see the return of machines that are owned built and ridden by people that are not afraid of the side of the road. Thats where you find the real people of this life style. Its a living breathing thing that was born to be bending wind in free air. Thats is where this bike belongs. Thanks God Speed

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