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Over the past year, I've had the pleasure to meet folks willing to contribute to ChopCult. We featured CC member Jason Ochoa’s bike last May and since then Jason and I have built a pretty good relationship. He has offered his services by helping us attain content in Texas. This is his first feature and I am stoked to have him aboard.


Photos and story by Jason Ochoa



A true bike enthusiast is naturally drawn to old vintage iron at one point of his love affair for motorcycles. In Victor Carmona’s case that is exactly what happened when he laid eyes on this beautiful 1967 generator shovelhead. It started when he visited a friends shop and he was automatically drawn to the bike as it sat in a corner just waiting for him to take it home. Victor skipped the small talk and came right out and asked his friend if he would sell the bike. So they discussed a price, a deal was struck, and by the end of the day Victor was riding away on what later would be his favorite bike that he has ever owned. The bike has seen some changes since he took ownership. He is a leather smith by trade, so he built and hand tooled a seat to his liking. Next, he added a pair of 12 inch handlebars from Front Street Cycles, and then moved on to adding some custom exhaust. Victor rode the bike for a couple of weeks and then the bike started to fall out of love with him. Victor had to re-wire the entire bike, re-worked the brakes while adding new brake lines and shoes and other odds and ends to get it road worthy for longer trips. The next task was to work out some carburetor and timing issues. After a carb rebuild and new points he was once again terrorizing the streets of Dallas. Victor owns a few other bikes, but this by far is his favorite and he mentioned that it has to be the one bike that he would never part with. This particular bike has made him passionate about old iron and that passion grows deeper with the custom bike builders out there today. He admires the direction the bike scene has turned to in the last few years. He likes that there are a lot of guys building some awesome vintage bikes in their own back yards, not to mention the more well known builders out in the scene today. He wants to thank ChopCult for all the great articles and bikes that keep the followers tuned in with hopes of catching some new ideas from the amazing bikes produced and shared by CC members and builders.  



Owner name, location: Victor Carmona Dallas, Texas


Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1967 FLH



Frame: Modified 1958 Straight Leg Frame


Fork: Harley Davidson Wide Glide shortened 2 inches.



Chassis mods: Stock


Tire/wheel size and style: 19 front 16 rear HD Wheels



Favorite thing about this bike: This bike is a true bobber with some great history and overall, just a blast to ride. I like the fact that this bike has been around for almost 47 years and I enjoy soaking in the history that this bike has seen in its life.


Next modification will be: Narrowed Split tanks and VL springer



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Custom hand tooled seat , OG Vincent tail light and handlebars.


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Commented on 2-21-2014 At 02:51 pm

Awesome bike!!!!!!!!!

Commented on 2-21-2014 At 08:39 pm

There is nothing about that bike I don't like...

Commented on 2-21-2014 At 11:50 pm

I just bought a 1967 FLH Frame, motor, and tranny,and seeing this bike has made up my mind which way I'm going with it. I too, love that bike!

Commented on 2-22-2014 At 06:41 am

What bars are those?

Commented on 2-22-2014 At 04:02 pm

That is a proper scooter!!!

Commented on 2-22-2014 At 05:24 pm

Sweet bike

Commented on 2-22-2014 At 06:49 pm

cool ride brother it's happening in the big D

Commented on 2-23-2014 At 06:57 am

The bars are from Craig at

Commented on 2-23-2014 At 01:30 pm

this bike is perfect

Commented on 2-23-2014 At 07:35 pm

I want one. $10k (in CA) well spent.

Commented on 2-24-2014 At 07:51 pm

Cool! I remember seeing that bike at the Cycle Daze swap meet in Irving like 3 months ago. I think it still had the original rear fender, really cool bike :D

Commented on 3-13-2014 At 07:48 am

Hope to see it at the Next Cycle Daze too, my husband and I are gearing up and still looking for vendors for the Cycle Daze II event in November at the Yello Belly Drags in Grand Prairie! We need more vendors for the Swap meet, run what you brung races ....Texas Trash Style n chet!
Ora Le!

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