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Jason “Nosebleed” Erxleben has been a loyal ChopCult member since March 31, 2010. He was trying to find local motorcycle enthusiasts in Texas that liked to wrench and ride. He PM'd a few folks, but nothing seemed to follow through. So, Jason took things in his own hands and created the “Psycho de Mayo Run”. He laid out the route and hoped for the best. The first year was very low key, about 10 to 15 riders, but the Run has gained momentum over the past five years.


Before we go any further, you must understand one thing: the "Psycho de Mayo Run" is a ride, pure and simple. It's not a parking lot gathering, a bike show, a fashion show, a lifestyle event, a build-off, a crazy, demented crime spree from a 70's biker flick, a celebrity event where you get to come and get autographs from your favorite chopper stars or anything else. It's a ride. Show up, meet people, go for a ride through the beautiful central Texas hills, enjoy the stops along the way, appreciate some amazing scenery and just enjoy the road with some good people. It's for people who want to ride and you're almost guaranteed to make some new friends along the way. We would like to thank Jason for taking the initiative to create a grassroots event. Take a minute to learn more about Jason and the "Psycho de Mayo Run".


Photos by ChopCult contributor Heath Braun.



Where are you from? I am originally from Houston, TX, living in Austin, TX for the last 16 years and loving it!


When did motorcycles come into your life? My first 2-wheeled experience was on a homemade mini bike that my great uncle fabbed up in his garage. He was a welder and was always building fun projects. It had a pull-start Tecumseh lawnmower engine which wouldn't start most of the time, a "skid" brake which wouldn't stop most of the time and I must have put 20k miles on that little thing. My Dad rode street bikes, so I grew up falling asleep on the back of those and riding dirt bikes on the weekends at our property in east Texas. Got a Honda Enduro bike when I was 14 and became the favorite target of the local Constable, who knew that I wasn't old enough to drive yet. Must have been pulled over 50 times on that thing, but he usually let me off with a warning. Got my motorcycle license as soon as I was old enough and rode several different bikes over the years, an old Suzuki GS650, couple of sport bikes, Japanese cruisers and whatnot until I got my first Sportster in 2009, which I still ride today.



How did the concept of Psycho de Mayo Run come about? Psycho de Mayo Run started right here, on ChopCult. I heard about CC from an ad in one of the bike magazines and thought that I'd check it out looking for ideas on what to do with my Sportster. I was blown away looking at members’ bikes and joined up in early 2010. I quickly began searching out local people to ride with and found that there were a lot of central Texas CC members. Our scene has grown a lot over the past few years but, at that time, there really weren't very many events that catered to "people like us." We didn't really enjoy going to the local dealership "parking lot" events much and I wanted to get ChopCult members together to ride. I sent out a lot of PM's to people trying to make a connection and find people to ride with but it seemed like no one was doing a lot of riding. CC member Bolliver Shagnasty was one of the first people I met and we started talking about a ride. After having little luck in meeting up with other members I decided to put together my own ride, give it a name, so that it sort of sounded like an organized event, plan out a route, and hope for the best. I contacted a few people looking for supporters and was pleasantly surprised when they agreed to help out. So, the first PMR took place in 2011 with a small band of attendees and it has continued to grow ever since.


Who's behind the PMR and what are their individual duties? The run is organized by me and my good friends from Old Filthy. PMR would not happen without them. I am the chief decision maker, and I make most of the contacts arranging supporters and merchandise. Old Filthy President, Sintax, is responsible for all of our artwork, web graphics, Instagram graphic stuff, logos etc. He is also a tremendous resource on route planning, since he rides more than anyone I know. The Old Filthy guys put in a huge amount of work with the PMR merch pre-sales, packing up merchandise to ship to customers, route and event day planning, shooting photos and video, editing video, driving chase trucks on the day of the event, helping to arrange the kickoff spots and gas stops, arranging the PMR pre and after-parties, arranging the band who is going to play, and about 5,000 other things. Like you would expect, it's a collaborative effort and I can't thank Old Filthy and my other local friends enough for the help.



Congratulations on year 5! What do you feel is your personal biggest accomplishment with the Psycho de Mayo Run to date? I don't know about "accomplishments" really, but I'm glad that we have been able to grow the event each year and that it's connected people. We started out with 10 attendees the first year, all from the local area, and last year I met people from 3-4 other states. People meet and mingle, talk bikes and spend the day enjoying our amazing central Texas roads and it all just works. Everyone leaves with new friends at the end of the day, and hopefully good memories. From the start, I wanted for PMR to be a motorcycle ride without a lot of stress or fanfare, posing or bad attitudes. After 5 years, I think we've kept that ideal intact and it's a good time.


Is anyone allowed to take part? Of course, all are welcome. Since PMR began on ChopCult, of course you will see a lot of the kinds of bikes that you would normally expect to see here rolling on PMR. Of course, we love choppers, old iron and modified bikes of every kind. Last year we had people riding just about everything from Japanese enduro bikes, to all manner of Harleys, to vintage Triumphs, to modern baggers, even a couple of sport touring-type bikes. The most important thing, ultimately though, is the person, not the bike. No bad attitudes, no macho bullshit and just come out to ride and have fun.



Anyone you would like to thank? Oh wow, I'll try to keep it short: Old Filthy, ChopCult, Biltwell, Lowbrow Customs, Zombie Performance,Show Class Magazine, Loud N Greasy, Voodoo Vintage, J from HipSoul(.com), Heath Braun, Ryan from Redlands Buttons/Loaded Sound Records, friends Dave Brown and Mary Donaire, for shooting about 3000 photos in the past 4 years, Old Filthy Pizzile for putting together the PMR3 video, the people at The Shade Tree Saloon and Grill, C-Hunt's Ice House in Austin...If I forgot you, I'm sorry, I'll give you a bro hug later.


Give us the particulars: Who, What, When, and Where to look for more details.

PMR5 takes place on May 2nd, 2015 in Austin, TX, beginning at 9:30am. We will have a short pre-ride meeting around 10am, with kickstands up shortly thereafter. We will be releasing the kick-off location, a route map, and info on stopping points throughout the run, as well as info on the pre and after parties VERY SOON! We are procrastinators, mostly me, sorry. For now, plan to be in Austin for that first weekend in May, and get ready to enjoy the best of central Texas.



Follow us on Instagram; that's the best way to get the info, @ridepmr, or visit the website at Updates will be coming regularly as we approach the final 2 weeks before the event.


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Commented on 4-17-2015 At 12:36 pm

Señor Nose! Cool ! Proud to be a part of this groovy thing!

Commented on 4-17-2015 At 12:41 pm

Wow, this is surreal! Thank you Lisa for the support over the years and Heath for the photos. It's cool to see pictures of so many friends in one place.

We hope that everyone will come out and join us for PMR5 in just 2 weeks, on May 2nd!

Bring yer rain gear!

Commented on 4-17-2015 At 01:46 pm

fun ride, good people, looking forward to it!

Commented on 4-17-2015 At 02:16 pm

Great write up! Can't wait for this ride.

Commented on 4-17-2015 At 06:46 pm

Hell yes! I can honestly say that without PMR I wouldn't know nearly as many like minded dudes in the Austin area. It was my first big ride, and one of my favorites. Get your asses to Austin on May 2nd and come ride.

Commented on 4-18-2015 At 04:29 am

Good work. I'm inspired to get more rides going in my town.

Commented on 4-18-2015 At 09:46 am

@Nosebleed: Super stoked man, appreciate the mention... y'know as I was reading that, I just realized that I met Nick Mahoney at last years ride... and here we are riding out to his place in Taylor TODAY... to BBQ, camp and get smashed... he's literally right down the road from you up there, come out and play for Bison's bday!!!

Commented on 4-20-2015 At 07:08 am

looks like a blast

Commented on 4-20-2015 At 05:47 pm

Can't wait!!

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