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Inveterate shopper that I am, I must admit I was oblivous to the banality of biker events until Billdozer pointed out their vapid nature to me. Once illuminated, I have eschewed dealership hoedowns, parking lot swap meets and similar dreck ever since. Not that there's anything wrong with digging through trinkets beneath an EZ-Up in a dusty field while a cover band blares freedom rock through a half stack of shitty amps. In my old age, I've just learned it's more satisfying to ride motorcycles than it is to polish them.

Bill's first foray into "underground" motorcycle fun was an impromptu escape to Baja with some doormen from Las Vegas. in 2002 Bill crossed the border on his old Honda CB laden with a bivvy sack, some gasoline and little else. He survived that adventure just in time to endure another: a lengthy military deployment in the Middle East. While Bill was eating dirt and shitting freedom, I was burning the midnight oil at our small business in Southern California. Contact during those months with my business partner and best friend was sporadic, but between IED's and MRE's Bill emailed the plan for another motorcycle adventure, one that would give me my first taste of two-wheeled freedom.

Before announcing our El Diablo Run to the masses in 2005, we did a pre-run. The machine I rode on that 750-mile assault was a Flyrite chopper I built with an 8-inch bench grinder and a Craftsman tool set. I'd never ridden a motorcycle on pavement before, but that didn't stop me from appreciating their allure. I've always been a grease monkey, so the attraction was instant. The fact that a middle-aged BMXer on a hand-built chopper could ride to San Felipe and back was all the proof we needed, and in the spring of 2006, the El Diablo Run rolled out of SoCal with four dozen like-minded bikeriders in tow.

By 2008 the headcount at subsequent EDR's swelled to over 250 builders and bikeriders, a number that confirmed we were not alone—people across the nation and around the world were growing as tired of "the biker scene" as we had. Events like the Gypsy Run, The Revenge Run, The Twine Ball Run and others materialized from coast to coast, with riding and camping the focus at each one. No profit motive drove the proliferation of these events. Instead, the time and treasure required to make them a reality was donated by the bootstrap entrepreneurs who hosted them. Events of this nature are certainly not new, but their spirit had gotten lost in a sea of vendor rows and polished chrome.




The 2012 chopper social season kicks off this weekend in SoCal at Kutty Noteboom's Hippy Killer Hoedown. ChopCult is a proud sponsor of Kutty's car show and motorcycle campout, and we'll be there this Saturday to shoot bikes for upcoming CC features.




Later this month Billdozer and his son are heading east with a trailer full of bikes and gear for Garage Company Custom's Dixie Roundup. Larry Pierce and his lovely wife Ashley host this moonshine-fueled hootenanny, and it's a doozie. Biltwell's Mike D and I will be flying in to gird Bill's flanks at the drinking table, and I'll be bringing up the rear on at least one ride through the Dirty South.

Other underground chopper events are happening this spring, and you can read about them in the ChopCult events thread and community calendar. Thanks to all the hardworking men and women who spearhead these great events, and thanks to the bikeriders and volunteers who make them a success.

See you at the next gas stop…

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Commented on 4-11-2012 At 11:50 am

Good idea to post this up here, McGoo. I've been surprised at how many people were not aware that the event calendar existed, even though it can be quickly accessed from a number of different spots on the site. The calendar is filling up fast for the summer and we are looking forward to some great events here in Austin, TX.

LoneStar Roundup this weekend in Austin and PMR2 on May 19th!

Commented on 4-11-2012 At 12:01 pm

It would be nice to see some stuff like this happening in the midwest!

Commented on 4-11-2012 At 12:18 pm

There is a ton of real events. The Full Tilt chopper show in Minneapolis on July 14th, the Knuckle Shuffle June 1-3 in Yuba WI, the Brit, Jap, and American Crap tour around Lake Michigan in late June, The Haints Bday party in Milwaukee in July, and the Rockerbox in late summer in Milwaukee. Just look, there is a lot of shit happening.

Commented on 4-11-2012 At 12:57 pm

Inveterate? banality? vapid? Does biltwell sell dictionarys? I didnt know I needed one to be a biker.


Thanks for giving myself and my equally low-brow associates a place to organize our beer/bacon soaked runs. I have trully enjoyed any run I have been on through this site much more than any huge,ugly, pretentious rides organized from HD dealerships. Thanks dudes,

Commented on 4-11-2012 At 01:32 pm

I plan on making Rockerbox this summer for sure. Where's a good place to look to find out about shows and shit? Half those things you mentioned I've never heard of.

Commented on 4-11-2012 At 02:18 pm

Dig, event promoters should be wise enough to use the free ChopCult events threads and event calendar (links to both in the last paragraph of this story) to promote their hoedowns, but sadly, precious few ever do. My advice: look at these resources to find out about events in your area, and if no events exist, consider launching and promoting one of your own. It's easier than you think, and people will love you for it.

Commented on 4-11-2012 At 04:44 pm

I'm new to this shit but stoked that it exists. I been ridin solo for years because I didn't fit in with the mullet head bikers or the squidley fag sport bike dudes. A few of my buds are on bikes now, got no job to worry about, you'll be seeing me around when I get my license back this summer, starting with Born Free 4. Direct deposit gubmet checks and the open road, yeeeeehaw!!

Commented on 4-12-2012 At 12:09 am

Thanks to all you crazy cats at Biltwell for Chop Cult, and the event forum. TBR was a kick, and because of the TBR & the CC events forum, our first "Run to the Hills" last year was a great success. This year's "Run to the Hills" is shaping up to be even better. Good on you guys for changing the way things can be done, and leading the way.

Commented on 4-12-2012 At 09:39 am

Sounds like a couple good excuses to dodge work...

Commented on 4-12-2012 At 09:49 am

The Knuckle Shuffle may not be in the events calendar,I haven't looked, but they they are advertising it on here, and they have a website. We'll have a group leaving from the Milwaukee area.The Brit, Jap, American crap tour is more informal. It's a ride usually middle to end of July. I didn't make it last year, my girlfriend and I just had a baby, so I couldn't get away. We don't always go around the lake, I suggested we ride to the Lowbrow Getdown this year. We are working on details right now, but it looks like that is going to be the plan. It's usually 8 to 12 of us, some of us have known each other for decades, others have just met. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier. Hit me up if you're interested.

Commented on 4-12-2012 At 10:45 am

After my first, (and last) ill-fated trip to Sturgis a few years ago, I had completely given up on any sort of "biker rally" or whatever the hell you are supposed call them. BF2 & 3 changed my mind and Chop Cult can't be applauded enough for getting the word out on these smaller events that still maintain the ethos of a true motorcycle event: unpretentious, affordable, and above all, fun. Oh yeah, and lots of beer...

Commented on 4-12-2012 At 11:17 am

I didnt read all the other posts to find out if anyone else had said this but it would be cool if a drop down was added that let you filter events by state.

Commented on 4-12-2012 At 07:25 pm

I would like to thank the staff at Chop Cult for allowing me and others to self promote our events. Chop Cult has become one of the main resources I use for promoting my events. These days social media is prevalent but time consuming, your site makes it easy to communicate with the masses
Thanks for your help and support with the Hippy Killer Hoedown and Just Kickers. You guys rule!

Would like to wish Larry and Ashley a great turnout. See you at Born Free baby!

Commented on 4-12-2012 At 09:12 pm

I'm taking some much needed time off this summer; still hard to say how free I'll be to travel.

However, I dug the narrative attached to this, from the long distance connect to the initial EDR to the reason this kind of thing needs to happen. I like how it sets the clock back to pre-commercialized times and reminds us why we like the bikes, and it ain't a sidewalk commando event.

Commented on 4-13-2012 At 07:28 am

Thanks, Thunder.

Commented on 4-14-2012 At 11:26 am

There should be a calendar on here that everybody could post up events on.

Commented on 4-15-2012 At 08:55 am

The HK Hoedown was sweet and fun! Looking forward to Born Free!!

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