This is an unconventional build in many respects and that’s exactly why I wanted to do a feature on it. Things can get a little repetitive in the “custom” skinny tire chopper world. I love EVO Sporty chops and Panheads as much as the next guy, but I have to respect it when a builder goes in a different direction and uses an alternative motor. When lots of time, work, and energy goes into a bike that becomes less desirable at resale, you know the builder is very differently motivated. Working with what you have on hand, just for the love of creating your own personalized ride, is a different vibe to me, and a big part of "built not bought" motorcycle culture!


This particular Yamaha V-Star, built by Ryan Moore, is just that kind of “use what you have on hand” bike. Not only is Ryan the kind of guy that builds for the love of it, he marches to the beat of his own drum. His career in tube chassis and 4x4 fabrication really comes through and this thing is huge! The front end and frame are all oversized tubing, but when you know what he does for a living it all ties together.



In person, the bike is like a cross between a monster truck and a 70’s long bike. I can’t help but call it "Chopzilla" even though he affectionately refers to her as "Jezebel." It’s dripping with his enthusiasm for welding and fabricating and truly one-off hand made parts. I should also note that Ryan was one of last year’s top performers in the Greasy Dozen Builder Collective. Though there is no individual winner in the GD, I’m sure many would agree that Ryan gave his all to promote “Built Not Bought Motorcycle Culture” and the Greasy Dozen Builder Collective. Heck, he even traveled 6,000 miles, round trip, to attend The Greasy Dozen Run! Ryan, I salute your dedication to the ChopCult community, your willingness to push the boundaries, and this Monster Truck Long Bike!



Owner Name, Location: Ryan Moore Duncan BC


Engine, Year, make, model, modifications: 2000 Yamaha Vstar 1100



Frame: One-off. Hardtail drop seat. Factory neck.


Fork: 22"ish over leaf spring


Chassis Mods: Reused nothing, So it's all modified.



Tire/ Wheel size and style: 205/65r15 rear directional drift tire on a 15" Honda civic wheel. Custom hub and perimeter brake. Stock 18" dual disc front with a 110/90-18 Metzeler


Favorite thing about this bike: The Gremlin Bell, which came from a good friend of mine. The first piece my daughter designed, CNC cut, cleaned, and welded completely herself was the mount.


Next Modification will be: Cams and pistons. Never enough power.



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: Foot clutch with custom side cover external lever clutch. One-off external oil filter adapter. Hand tooled leather seat with my grandfather's tools, and local moose hide. Taillight, pegs, gas cap, exhaust tips all made on the lathe by my kids. Except for the parts from the awesome Greasy Dozen sponsors, my kids and I made everything.


Any building or riding story you would like to include: I've owned it since brand new. My buddy did the test ride of 4 miles, and no one else has ever ridden it. I met my wife on it, rode it 2,000 miles round trip, half in a blizzard, to get custody of my kids, and the last picture I ever took of my grandmother, she was sitting on it. It's been there for almost all of my important life events.


Thanks to: All of the greasy Dozen sponsors, especially Bear. Liquid Metal Coatings in Lake Cowichan for the paint. Most importantly,my wife, because without her to drive me and allow me to chase these bikes, I wouldn’t build them



If you think you have something unique or the commitment to promote "Built Not Bought Motorcycle Culture", be sure to enter your current build in the 2015 Greasy Dozen Builders Collective before February 15th. Full details at



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Comment with Chopcult (35)

Commented on 1-19-2015 At 10:51 pm

Great article! Cool bike. See u on the road.

Commented on 1-19-2015 At 11:26 pm

Killer bike and killer article. Always cool to see someone having some fun and a bit of success! Got my entry in for the Greasy Dozen this year.~ Keep it greasy...

Commented on 1-20-2015 At 12:55 am

spidr you deserved this feature! very distinctive bike

Commented on 1-20-2015 At 01:23 am

Congrats Spidr :)

Commented on 1-20-2015 At 11:13 am

great bike spidr.

Commented on 1-20-2015 At 11:38 pm

Right on brother! Can't wait to see this next one come together.

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 07:42 am

Bikes of Meth!!!!

Taste is a skill

and I think this thing is horrible

Because you can

Doesn't mean you should

No one loves ugly motorcycles more than me...

But I'd rather break a fluorescent bulb off in my ass than ride that thing

It's inexcusable

A mig welder, the Chopper handbook and a bag of greenies do not a builder make...

and some one of you should have stopped this a long time ago...


You're fucking encouraging him!!!


Commented on 1-21-2015 At 09:19 am

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - corny but true
While this is not my style I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating this bike. He's not a big name builder that dropped a fortune into this build but a Garage builder like many on here. Besides, he chose a platform that's rather a novelty on here, a modern jap bike. Not your run-off-the-mill rigid framed shovel with springer front end and lace paint that has been featured here 15 times before. Not that there's anything wrong with that but it just lacks of creativity.

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 09:23 am

I was around when bikes like the above were the norm and the well done kissed with flake shovel was the anomaly...

This thing is the stuff of russian coke barons and 9 yr olds on prescription cough syrup

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 10:22 am

I've never heard bikes of Meth before. So you get points for creatitivity for sure.

Funny thing is, I've never read the handbook, argued with guys that helped write it, and havent smoked likely since you where pubescant.

If thats the best you've got, you should go back to Kawi triples and let the people brave enough to build exactly what they want to, do what they do. Its not unsafe, it rides better than most long bikes, and wasnt built for anyones approval. Thanks for coming out though.

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 11:15 am

Sheesh, when did MadRiver become such a prick?

Look, stylistically there are some things about this bike that I wouldn't do, but that doesn't matter a bit, because it's not mine. Spidr is a long-time member of ChopCult and built this bike for himself, the way that he wanted it. He built it, he rides it and he loves it; that's all that matters.

Nice job doing something different (which I'm sure was your intention) and achieving your goals.

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 11:22 am

It's winter!

And I am being a full on unflaccid prick...

I'm also not going to lie about something...

I don't like it...

Not at all...

And the METH comments are a joke...


Everyone gets butthurt because someone called an ugly bike ugly


And I give zero fucks about anyone's goals

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 11:29 am

No butthurt. I've been offending peoples eyes with stuff that I build for longer than theres been an internet.

I have no interest in people blowing smoke up my ass. I didnt build it for anyone but me,. I wont lie and say that its not cool to see it on the cover page, but I wouldnt build it any differantly no matter what exposure I got.
Honestly Its refreshing to see someone willing to post up that they dont like something, I'm a pretty opinionated son of a bitch, but short of cutting someone down because their junk is going to kill them, a persons vision depends on which side of the looking glass you're on.

But if it makes you hate it even more, I took it for a rip up the block the other day because we dont have winter here either........

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 11:43 am

And I don't think anyone who's spent anytime with me will cite a lack of bravery on my part...

But please...

Whatever lies you need to tell yourself to steel your strength...

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 11:45 am


It's yours...

I can think it's terrible and you can think its rad...

that's fine...

But I sure as fuck ain't worried about your feelings...

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 11:48 am

and yes...

rub the street salt in my winter wounds...

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 11:50 am

I was concerned Spidr would get slammed for his bike but the story remains the same;he built it and rides the piss out of it. If this bike makes Spidr happy, then that's all that matters.

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 12:02 pm

It's not all that matters Lisa...

Decency, a modicum of decency and taste...

These are important...

Judgement is an essential component in hope...

Without hope we are doomed...

I have a horribly ugly motorcycle no one likes...

I love it...

But I ain't letting anyone photograph it or tell me they like it...

I know better...

My bike is on pg three of this 691 page thread of ugly bikes...

I'm comfortable in my glass house...

As I said in other places...

Spidr may be the greatest dude in the world...

But an aesthetician he is not

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 12:24 pm

Well shit. You just ruined my Career dreams

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 12:29 pm

It's alright Spidr...

We're not all architects of our future

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 01:33 pm

Wait.........Your bike is posted in that thread? That means you made it. Thats the big time.

Must have taken forever to knit though.

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 02:41 pm


The difference here is I KNOW my bike is ugly. My friends don't lie to me about that either. I have other pretty bike, but my love is there, and I was wrong it's page 7.

The knit bike is still better than this feature bike, unfortunately

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 02:50 pm

If you look back, not a single person said its pretty.
Theres some pretty trick parts in it. IMHO. If you look past the style decisions, I could point them out. But noone is claiming its beautiful. Just unique. ;)

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 02:57 pm


Your bike may be heinous but you sir are the better person.

Hat tip to you,

Beer is on me if ever our paths do cross

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 03:00 pm

Not better at all. Just not any less stubborn.

I'm sure we'll have a beer one day.

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 04:03 pm

Nice work to see a BC boy on the page...I like this beast it's different...keep it up.
Sunny in Kimbo BC

Commented on 1-21-2015 At 06:44 pm

Very cool to see a bike from BC make the "cover", I live in Port Moody. It takes WAY more fab skills to build a bike like this, than 99% of the bikes I see on the forums here. Let the haters hate, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and most stink.

Commented on 1-22-2015 At 11:09 am

I'm surprised and disappointed that Chopcult is publishing something like this. It's everyone's right to build a bike they like, but it's not fair for Chopcult readers that bike like this is published here.

Just terrible bike. Everything is wrong.

Commented on 1-22-2015 At 01:03 pm

thanks for building it.

chop cult thanks for featuring it.

bear thanks for the write up.

in the immortal words of Big Rube
" right on to the real, and death to the fakers"
Peace out


Commented on 1-24-2015 At 04:14 pm

I would say that one bike like this is just about right…zero would be a shame, 5 0r10 of them would be too many

Commented on 1-29-2015 At 12:17 pm

The bike isn’t perfect and I wouldn’t personally build it but, it sure looks like a real machine. That’s what I like about it. I do like the bike and I’m impressed as hell at anyone who builds their shit in their own garage and actually gets a project complete. I really don’t think the article is about the perfect aesthetics of this build, it’s about what he has done and how he did it and it’s out there for motivation for others that you can do this on your own and you can build whatever your little black heart desires. Pretty and pink or black and ugly, look what can be done.
Mad River, I think “taste” is not a skill, it’s an opinion. It comes off as odd to come and trash the work shown then wax poetic like you are just being humbly honest because you also have an ugly bike. Class can be a skill and, I feel like both class and skill are showcased in this article by Spidr, both in the results of the build and his classy responses to your posts.

Commented on 1-29-2015 At 12:39 pm

HA! I forgot to come back here and check back in on this for a few days until I saw Juggernaut's comments pop up in the Community feed.

I can dig various parts of what several people have said, but overall my belief is similar to what ole' Pappy taught me as a boy. You aren't going to like everything or everyone in life, but if you act like an asshole, expect for people to treat you like one.

Of course everyone has an opinion and it makes me laugh when people refer to themselves as "opinionated." But as Juggernaut said, style is an opinion and you don't always have to make it known when you don't like something. It doesn't mean that you have to lie or blow smoke up someone's ass, but still it ain't hard to show a little class.

Commented on 2-17-2015 At 12:42 am

You know I had decide to let this one lie... but you know JuggernautCycles the fact that I picked you to be part of the GD having never read your reply makes me feel like all is right with the world (Just found the time tonight to come check on this). spidr and this build are not for everyone but he is a mad man that came 6000 miles round trip to attend the Greasy Dozen Run... Everyone is entitled to say what ever the fuck they want on the web. Love it or hate it the guy is out there doing it! For his commitment to Chop Cult and individualism he earned his moment in the spotlight on CC. Thats what I put out and why but as usual negative comments come out of context from the article or with out having read the article. People can say its not Chop Cult material they want for me spidr is. -Bear

Commented on 2-26-2015 At 03:07 pm

why know words? Fascism here

Commented on 2-26-2015 At 03:08 pm

why know words? Fascism here

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