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Our latest creation is for a client out in So-Cal. He wanted a clean, classic, and built to ride Triumph.  That’s our specialty… and that’s what we delivered!



We started with a 1970 Triumph frame, and mated it to one of our Spade City hartails and added a 4” stretch.  The oil tank is a Choppahead finned aluminum tank with screw on cap upgrade. Front end is a repop early HD springer – with Choppahead custom bars.  Front wheel is a 21” spoolie we had hanging around the shop, rear is a Triumph hub laced to a 16” rim. Buchanan spokes all around. The customer wanted a sporty tank which we modified with a screw in filler cap. The fender is something we had around the shop with Choppahead custom fender struts. The seat is a Choppahead bent seat pan, with hand-tooled leatherwork by Jay @ Truckalope Leathers.


Photos: Jay Fortin



We did a complete top and bottom end rebuild on a 1966 Triumph Bonneville engine for this build. Choppahead custom valve inspection caps on the rockers. She drinks from Amal 930 carbs that suck air from a couple of velocity stacks. A new Joe Hunt magneto fires her up.   Choppahead custom pipes carries the exhaust. The customer wanted an external oil filter,  so we setup one from a Harley V-rod. 


Bodywork/primer/basecoat/flake//candy by Choppahead.  Pinstriping and gold leaf by Charlie the One-Armed Bandit.   Powdercoating (wheels/frame/handlebars/oil tank/fender struts) by Goodhues Custom Powdercoating.



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Commented on 10-27-2014 At 12:18 pm

I know it's just me, but 21" front wheels just don't make it on bobber-esque bikes. The whitewall makes it look even MORE skinny…
i remember seeing pics of 21's on SoCal Triumph drag bikes from the mid fifties..but those weren't at all like bobs..

Commented on 10-27-2014 At 04:26 pm

nice job Jay! gotta love that picture too!

Commented on 10-27-2014 At 04:42 pm

Finally! Some parallel twin Trumpet action, Absolutely awesome. Gorgeous, top to bottom. Love their stuff!

Commented on 10-27-2014 At 11:30 pm

Very nice. IMHO - ditch the Amals and replace 'em with Mikunis . . my Trumps always ran better that way.

Commented on 10-28-2014 At 05:03 am

nice and clean, love the details and color, nice scoot and congrats to the owner, now put some miles on it!

Commented on 10-28-2014 At 05:03 am

nice and clean, love the details and color, nice scoot and congrats to the owner, now put some miles on it!

Commented on 10-28-2014 At 04:43 pm

Tires are hideous! They make me want to gouge my eyes out. Needs some vintage rollers, but super nice otherwise.

Commented on 10-28-2014 At 04:44 pm

No offense, probably the customer's choice.

Commented on 10-30-2014 At 01:10 pm

nice built, love the hat! Viva los New Bedford!

Commented on 10-30-2014 At 06:59 pm

Too bad it's not a pre-unit but not a bad build for a Thumper. The older guys are getting too hard to find now, I did a lot of ground ups for guys in the past. These days even the new ones aren't being customized yet. The only things I have done different is personal choice stuff, like bars, pipes , seat. The rest is spot on nice.

Commented on 11-4-2014 At 12:51 pm

Holly Mother of Christ! Fantastic work from Choppahead. Amazing bike!

Commented on 11-4-2014 At 03:28 pm

Beautiful!!! I wouldn't change a thing about it, imo it is perfection! Amazing work, thanks for sharing!

Commented on 11-5-2014 At 06:03 am

I'd like to see some pics of that "bathtub" scoot in the background behind Mr. Sombrero! Nice to see Turnip bobs, not necessarily my cup-o-tea, but nice to see anyways.

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