ChopCult How-To: Getting Your Bike on The PhotoDump


Many of you have asked how to get your motorcycle on the ChopCult PhotoDump. It's easy, but you can't simply upload the photo yourself. This ChopCult feature is curated, meaning we personally review every image for content, clarity, lighting, size and sharpness before we add it to the Dump for your viewing enjoyment.

ChopCult PhotoDump is divided into 12 categories. If your photo doesn't fit into one of these, it probably isn't worth sending. The next criteria is sizing. We're asking for minimum 800 pixel wide horizontal images or 650 pixel tall vertical images, but if a bike or photo is especially awesome, chances are it will make the cut. File size isn't an issue, but resolution is--nothing under 72 d.p.i. at these measurements, please.

We know everyone isn't a professional photographer--we damn sure aren't!--but please follow the basics Gary Griffin outlined in his 6 Pack of photo tips to ensure the best quality image. Clean backgrounds, nice tarmac, no gaggle of goons behind the bike... it all adds up to a better photo.

Last but not least comes the bike itself. As you may be aware, we like all kinds of two-wheeled machines, but they need to be custom. If your '88 Nighthawk has Apes on it, that doesn't count. Eighty-five-hundred dollar minibikes won't make the cut, either. The site's called "ChopCult," so you know what everyone's looking for.

If you still think your bike has what it takes, we want to see it. For additional instructions and contact info, go here.

By the way, we're uploading 200 more bike photos to the Dump this week. If you sent one of those images, it should be up by the weekend. We've also culled photos for the Dump from various threads in the forum, so if you've posted one there, don't send a duplicate.



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Commented on 8-7-2009 At 10:23 am

more photos of the photo-dump leader, number 93 there?

Commented on 8-8-2009 At 04:21 pm

Did somebody actually post a Nighthawk with apes? i wouldl like to see that.

Commented on 8-12-2009 At 07:51 am

The Photo Dump is one of he best parts of the site. I don't have to look at a thousand bikes to see the Knuckles and Pans i'm looking for. Nice Job.

Commented on 8-12-2009 At 02:14 pm

Sent a foto in a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything yet...

Wondering if Bill got it???

Commented on 4-10-2010 At 09:30 am

I gotta agree with "BigMike"... the PhotoDump really is a great feature of this site...
I really enjoy lookin' through it for ideas, in the 'little details' on some of these sweet chops! Good Stuff!!

Commented on 10-19-2012 At 09:43 am

love the dump- I get a lot of inspiration in a short amount of time.

Commented on 5-4-2014 At 03:27 am

this site rates w raisin pie:) love the cool chops!!! keep the wrench turning...
we like ......

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