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Last week we gave you the top-10 ChopCult bike features as determined by the volume of reader comments on each story. This week we offer our greatest misses: CC bike features that for whatever reason failed to fan the flames of desire among opinionated Cultists. Pity, too, since many of these machines are classic examples of choppers gone wild.


#10: Garage Company's JD Racer (click photo to read original feature)

miss 10JD_Racer_Intro


#9: Jesse Wikoff's Knuckle

miss 9jess_oily_header


#8: Blotto's Shitbox Shovel

miss 8blottoparts


#7: AZ Nick's Shovelhead

miss 7green-machine-header


#6: Ray's TW200

miss 6header20


#5: Matt Davis' Shovelhead

miss 5matt-davis-bike-header


#4: Sacto Survivor

miss 4SACTO_knuckle_intro


#3: Keith Mulligan's Triumph



#2: Denver's Shovelhead

miss 2survivor_intro


#1: Bulldog's Wide Glide

miss 1 wideglide_intro2

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Commented on 8-31-2011 At 04:49 am

i cant believe the captain is in here- that bikes in my top 10 favorite bikes of all time!

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 05:23 am

How can Matt Davis shrimp boat captain be on here? I agree one the best builds of all time.

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 05:39 am

Denvers shovle and blottos shitbox...really the only ones that do it for me personally...the others are good looking or at least well exicuted bikes but just no real wow factor IMO...No offense to any of the builders because definetly more skill than I have in many respects. It was cool looking at those 2 though

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 05:45 am

Harold just grabbed the 10 articles with the fewest comments, that doesn't mean the bikes suck, just that the stories didn't generate much in the way of comments. Matt's bike is so good what is there to say, I guess? Personally I love that stroker knucklehead but it's doesn't stir up any shit storms so I guess it's the bottom of the barrel.

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 05:59 am

im shocked the mantis didnt make the barrel list haha

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 07:06 am

No way! I have been cyber stalking images of Keith Mulligan's Triumph for years. I love this bike. So clean, like the bikes my old man and his grey beard buddies would build.

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 10:21 am

There could be 3 dozen reasons for bikes to make this list but it seems to me that some of these bikes, while still being admirable machines, many with great pedigree and historic significance, are, for lack of a better word, a little plain. Those that are not plain are a bit odd or a "niche" bike that may not appeal to many people. In other cases, I think that people may not comment because they don't have a question about something unique or simply don't want to continually post "Nice pan, dude", or "Knucks rule!" all the time.

That being said, I don't think that "bottom of the barrel" is the best title for this article since there are some amazing machines here and I'd hate to diminish any of them. I understand the idea, just the execution doesn't sit right with me.

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 04:38 pm

Sometimes less, is more. Comments I mean!

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 06:10 pm

agreed about the

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 06:20 pm

Fuck yeah!!! Momma always told me I'd be number 1 some day...haha.

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 07:25 pm

Nothing that makes it into chop cult news is bottom end ! ha ha :) really though

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 07:30 pm

when I read the article for the first time the SactoKnuckle stuck in my mind as a
bike I'd really,really like to have...the only list it's at the bottom of is #of comments.

Likewise with Sk8 ...though the engine is tooo small. The fun would probably stop @45mph...

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 07:37 pm

..And some of the top ten are just in because of being "over the top"of course.

I think the JD would have stirred up much more interest if there'd been more
tech info about the perf mods that went into it....

Commented on 8-31-2011 At 08:45 pm

most of the top 10 bikes are so FUGLY that people just had to comment

Commented on 9-1-2011 At 05:12 am

I dont get it, theres some nice bikes in there. I might go as far to say your out of line but its your site. you can lable anything you want.

Commented on 9-2-2011 At 08:54 am

I guess the lesson here is if you really love a bike, why not let the owner know via a quick comment? Or if you think hummingbirds are really gay, let them know that as well.

Commented on 9-3-2011 At 10:44 am

most of these bikes are awsome, must have been a slow internet day

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