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Since the first misguided caveman grunted myopically on the dangers of fire, man has relished every opportunity to vent his spleen that emerging technology has provided him. Cheerleaders grab megaphones. Town criers stand on soapboxes. Demagogues construct bully pulpits. Controversy is the lifeblood that pumps through the heart of all civil discourse. What would the New York Times be without its op-ed page to incite riotous debate among pundits and politicians. Or Facebook without its "like" button?

Today social media has brought once clandestine personal opinions to the forefront of human interaction, so much so that sometimes even banal gossip between individuals can become gospel for the multitudes. Don't believe us? Over 132,000 people on Zuckerburg's behemoth like bad Hitler jokes. So much for the wisdom of crowds.

Web 2.0—or is it 3.0 already?—has made it possible for free thinkers to shape perception like no media before it. Take this humble website. "Likes," re-tweets and comments establish a pecking order for the popularity of every motorcycle featured on our home page. This dialogue has passed the power of the pen to the hand that holds the mouse. In other words, readers now wield nearly more power than writers, a fact that's got some magazine editors shaking in their Reebok joggers if recent cover lines can be believed.

To quantify the veracity of CC nation's collective claims, we culled 20 bike features from our news archive. The ten shown here are ChopCult's Greatest Hits. Each bike earned this accolade based on its total number of comments after publication. Surprisingly, "time on site" had little impact on comment volume. As a matter of fact, several of the longest-running CC features received the fewest comments, a curious outcome given the quality of each machine. Conversely, many comparatively recent bike features have stirred shitstorms of controversy. Dissent is conducive to healthy debate—that's why we're re-publishing these top-10 bike features for your enjoyment. Pile on as you see fit.

Next week: ChopCult's Greatest Misses…


#10: Leo Tancredi's Panhead (Click photos to see the original feature)

hit 10steel_panther_intro


#9: Dr. Cox's Ironhead



#8: Jeff Cochran's FXS

hit 8solo_intro


#7: Slim's Nanook

hit 7Slim_intro


#6: Rouserwork's TFL3

hit 6rouser_intro


#5: Rich Knight's Evo Sporty

hit 5sportyintro


#4: Andy Carter's Zion Express

hit 4zionexpress-ironhead-pangea-intro


#3: H8TR's Outlaw Dyna

hit 3Dyna_Intro


#2: Dr. Moore's Softail

hit 2chocolate-train-header


#1: Lock Baker's Speed Fetus

hit 1Speed_Fetus_Intro

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Comment with Chopcult (19)

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 09:00 am

Intelligent Bikers... oxymoron? I am routinely impressed with the writing ability of the authors on ChopCult. I especially "like" this one given the complexity of the thought to introduce such a simple topic…

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 09:15 am

rouser=ruler the sporty is still and will always be king

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 09:28 am

Gotta love that the top 3 were all shit storms, followed by Sporty Love!

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 11:02 am

Golly, Magoo. You use your mouth purtier than a $20 whore!

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 11:43 am

nice creamy buns.....the Cheater is the only other ride that I'd want

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 12:09 pm

the Zion Express= fucking awesome

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 04:32 pm

TFL3 or the Cheater ... hard one . there both winners.

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 04:32 pm

I fell inlove with the cheater at first glance .

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 06:04 pm

Cheater Cheater

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 07:33 pm

got to give it to slims bike that bike is sick

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 08:19 pm

I think that the speed fetus was an awesome machine.. When I saw the thumbnails of it.. I was like.. EWW what the fuck was that poopdick thinking?! I looked at how the tank was mounted, the gap in the rear fender, the forks.. Nothing on that bike "flowed" But after clicking on it and admiring theimmense attention to detail of it, I was like "THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS A TORTURED GENIOUS" The bike was such a good balance of odd ball thinking and fabrication skills.. Truely out of the box thinking.. Kudos

Commented on 8-25-2011 At 02:03 am

H8ter should of won!

Commented on 8-25-2011 At 10:23 pm

Aw hell, I thought that this was going to be a feature about nice asses covered in milk?! Aw well, Cheater and Rouser Rob's TFL are killer; everything ranked above that was because people hated them so much or they were so "out there" that people simply had to comment, such as with the Speed Fetus. Don't know if this means anything really, except that Sporty's rule!

Commented on 8-26-2011 At 11:13 am

Hey! Where are the pictures of that chicks ass? Misleading image! However each of those bike are fuckin read got one reason... Their owners made them their own.

Commented on 8-27-2011 At 11:56 am

Had never seen Dr Cox ironhead before what a nice ride give's me some insight for my own

Commented on 8-29-2011 At 11:02 pm

All you van-wearing, period-correct kick-starters made the Chocolate Train number two!

See, I knew deep down you all loved on the choco taco.

Feel the warmth...

Commented on 8-29-2011 At 11:02 pm

All you van-wearing, period-correct kick-starters made the Chocolate Train number two!

See, I knew deep down you all loved on the choco taco.

Feel the warmth...

Commented on 8-30-2011 At 06:07 pm

I think Nick Serrano's Triumph America chop should be on this list. He took a real shit looking bike to a level of difference that IMO defines one-off. I forgive him for it not being a Harley. And to all the Triumph folks who blasted Bill, and I am sure will blast me for calling the stock America a shit looking bike Fongu motz !
Just my 2 cents.

Commented on 8-30-2011 At 07:06 pm

Thanks Rick, but remember...... It's still...... just a Triumph America.
I am glad that the Rich Knight's Sporty made this list. It is my favorite Chop Cult Feature bike for sure.
My vote for the Cheater..... but all of these bikes are bad ass for sure.

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