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Anyone who's followed the thread on this year's ChopCult Photo Contest might empathize with me when I say it: selecting these top-ten finalists from the nearly 200 entries received wasn't easy. After Billdozer and I weighed our 20 or so initial favorites against the judging criteria one last time, these are the ten photographers whose images best captured the spirit of today's modern rider, in our opinion. If you disagree with some or all of our choices, please feel free to start your own photo contest in the main forum. It's not as easy some of you think.

To cast your vote for the grand prize winners, please go to the polling thread here.

When you visit the polling thread, simply check the box next to your favorite photographer and let the automagical software calculate the winners—no comments required. On December 1 we'll post the three images in another news feature and ship the three grand prize packages to each winner.

Thanks again to these generous sponsors for donating prizes for this contest:

No School Choppers

Lowbrow Customs

Old-Stf Motorcycles

Pangea Speed

Biltwell Inc.

 And of course, thanks to the nearly 200 CC readers who submitted images for the contest.


Photographer: AsianTony (all shooters are ID'ed by their ChopCult profile names)





























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Commented on 11-18-2011 At 06:19 am

I picked mine. All good stuff and thanks to Billdozer and Halwade for posting and sponsoring this.


Commented on 11-18-2011 At 06:36 am

My favorite didn't make the cut and one of these is sporting a professional style copyright and watermark. Go figure.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 07:02 am


is my fav

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 07:18 am


Commented on 11-18-2011 At 07:30 am

Thank you, Topher. I naively assumed people would by stoked to see other photographers' work, but numerous comments proved once again, you can't please all the people all the time. Go figure. Please don't hold it against me if one of next week's CC features is a piece of fiction about a militant gay biker gang. Photo contests, it seems, are far too polarizing.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 07:47 am

someone is always gonna bitch... 33 rocks, i for one truly appreciate the work and time you all put in to make it possible i do have an idea for an award though for those that whine too much The Platinum Plated Uterus....

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 07:47 am

onesickrace or cro its a tough call. All are worthy.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 07:49 am

Onesickrace! you captured alot of the culture in that shot, i can feel, smell, taste that imiage! DainisDead, you are a close 2nd in my book!

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 07:51 am


Commented on 11-18-2011 At 08:08 am

DanisDead Daddy

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 08:23 am

Ryan! Blast you and your fucking watermark!!!! UGGGGGHHHHHH

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 08:39 am

there are a few photos with great composition and content, but ultimately only one winner.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 09:01 am

If you go to RockinRyan's original post you will notice that he mentions the fact that he is not a pro but watermarks his photos anyway to cut down on poachers. He's a good shooter but doesn't earn a living at it.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 09:09 am

it bums me out that people are complaining.

since i have seen people complain about naked girlfriends, nothing really surprises me anymore.

this is a rad contest and all 10 of these pics are awesome. thanks bill and hallwade! don't let the complaints of a few stop you from doing more of this stuff.

i'm all about the kylefromcanton pic! i love it!

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 09:20 am

all the pics speak to me, great job to all. but danisdead speaks the loudest

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 09:25 am

I'd like to echo what CRFyou said; all the pictures are great and I think it's awesome that ChopCult puts on contests such as these. How people can complain about a chance to get free stuff is beyond me.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 09:28 am

Onesickrace... but I do like Rockinryan just because I can see myself in the pic!

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 10:18 am

Onesickrace!! Love it!

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 10:51 am

alot of good one's ......Onesickrace my pick outta this bunch ...

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 10:57 am

11Bravo's got my vote, I hate Vultures. He should also win for surviving that, those are the zombies of birds.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 11:09 am

All great pics but gonna have to go with cro

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 11:21 am

CRFyou was on point. I guess free shit just isnt good enough anymore. Thanks for puttin this on guys. Danisdead and Cro rule!

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 11:30 am


Commented on 11-18-2011 At 11:31 am

Tough call but my vote is for Cro. Nice job to all ya's!

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 12:44 pm

as someone who's been a part of setting up what were supposed to be friendly competitions on a forum, i think the guys who set this up did awesome! i love all the pics that were put up. and hell, even if i didn't, i'd still vote for my favorite among those presented! kudos to our leaders, and kudos to all the picked pics! (i went with danisdead, when i have kids, they'll be in the garage at that age too ;) )

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 12:45 pm

onesickrace, a very good all around pic.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 01:15 pm

Onesickrace gets my vote. They are all good, but this one is what it's all about.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 01:28 pm

11bravo! I like em all especially onesickrace, but that bird is just bizzaro!

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 01:33 pm

going with cro for sure

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 02:10 pm

I wasn't bitching or trying to hate. I know I have bad taste so my choice not making the cut was not a shock. I have enjoyed all the pictures and I love the contests that get put on here. I take a fair amount of pictures and I didn't have anything cool enough to even enter.

Art should be polarizing, because art should draw emotion; love, hate, happiness, anger, something.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 02:14 pm

Rad pics dudes!
whingers are fags!!

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 02:19 pm

awesome pictures and great contest, being a parent i gotta go with danisdead's picture

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 02:51 pm

danisdead is my pick. I bow to those with the knowledge to pass on to the next generation of mad-men (/women)!

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 03:35 pm

def danisdead,

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 05:43 pm

danisdead for my vote

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 05:49 pm

asian tony

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 05:49 pm

Kylefromcanton has my vote. it shows what riding a bike is all about and that is having fun.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 06:05 pm

denisdeads photo

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 06:34 pm


Commented on 11-18-2011 At 06:59 pm

Ya, all you fags that are bitching, go and consume some more cock instead of complaining.

Kevinphan get's my vote, cuz he's cool people.

And as far as the "militant gay biker gang"......where do I sign up?!?!?!?!


Commented on 11-18-2011 At 07:04 pm


Commented on 11-18-2011 At 07:18 pm


Commented on 11-18-2011 At 08:20 pm

Troyt get's my vote

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 08:32 pm


I dig Cro as well but Onesickrace really nailed it ....

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 08:53 pm

DanisDead is my fav. Great photo!

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 09:31 pm

Several good ones and I dig the idea. This should be done 3-4 times per year, right?

For artistic merit and quality, OneSickRace has an amazing shot. I would frame that and hang it on the wall. Content is great too; makes me wish I was there.

Several of the others capture different things though including Cro, DanisDead and more. Congrats to all of the "finalists" on great shots, but more importantly great life experiences to share.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 10:11 pm

one sick race

Commented on 11-19-2011 At 05:56 am

danisdead or kylerfromcanton. its a tie for me there...

Commented on 11-19-2011 At 08:35 am

danisdead , flathead future for a curious kid

Commented on 11-19-2011 At 10:23 am

I dig them all but i think dan is dead should take the prize. Its not only a great picture but a true chopcult statement. Every tale ive ever heard about this sweet knucklehead chopper or panhead that i used to have ended with but then i had kids so i had to sell it. Screw that chop culters build there shit so there is no bank note to pay.

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