Bryan's 1976 Shovelhead


The best industrial designs have a classic appearance that transcends pop culture. Think Eames plywood chairs, Craftsman-era houses and stewardess skirts from the '60s. Certain things just don't need to progress or gain modernity. Bryan's 1976 FXE, or what's left of it, has the clean, perfectly proportioned lines that give it a timeless fun-to-ride, no-nonsense chopper style.



Owner: Bryan Hall 

Location: Rio Linda, CA

Bike name: None—I thought you only had to name children and boats

Engine year, make, model and modifications: 74" shovelhead, 1976 FXE minus the FX and E

Frame: hardtailed '76 FX

Fork: mid '60s Wide Glide, shaved and such

Chassis mods: made into a rigid using oem style pan drop outs by done in my garage

Rear tire: 5.00-16 Cheng Shin

Front wheel: 21" spool with crappy old 3.00-21 Carlisle

Favorite thing about this bike: Being able to keep up

Next modification will be: switching to HO scale

Other mods, accessories, cool parts: Hand pinstriped by me using vinyl tape; super sweet seat hinge; seat upholstery by Premiere Upholstery; homemade bird deflector, ChopCult lightning bolt points cover

Back story: I started with a $200 XS650 donor and after a lot of work I sold it to buy my first owned-by-me-not-the-bank H-D, which happened to be a 1974 ironhead. After making that bike more valuable I sold it on ChopCult to buy this '76 shovel. I was so excited to finally get a good solid donor to build. After selling most of the take-off parts on ChopCult and putting in a little sweat here it is. I couldn't be happier with this bike: plain and classic

Thanks: My wife Kelley and my two beautiful little girls, Mike at, Mike D and the boys at, Robert at Premiere Upholstery in Sacramento, all my riding buds at

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Commented on 9-7-2011 At 08:26 am

classic cool chop! great looking machine

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 08:38 am

perfect shovelhead in its simplicity and lack of dood-dad non-sense, a straight forward bad ass bike

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 08:57 am

sweet stripped down and awesome

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 09:01 am

this bike is perfect. nice job!

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 09:51 am

looks like i have a new wallpaper

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 10:18 am

I love this bike and the headlight switch. Awesome!

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 10:33 am

such and awesome looking bike. Love the stance, sits perfect

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 12:00 pm

love this bike

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 01:02 pm

Raw Dogg! love it.

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 02:57 pm

This is just about my dream machine. Stance is great, love the tank, classic looks and made in the same year that I was. Bravo!

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 04:05 pm

In the dictionary

per·fect  chop·per 
 /n. [ n. pur-fikt chop-er]

1. Slang . Bryan's 1976 Shovelhead motorcycle.

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 04:13 pm

The words "fuck yes!" are thrown around all too often these days...but damn...

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 05:01 pm

i need this bike. firme build ese.

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 05:01 pm

i need this bike. firme build ese.

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 05:02 pm

Daaaaaaaaaaamn Gina!!! This maybe my favorite bike ever featured...have a soft spot for shovels....and when I finally get one, this bike will be a huge inspiration....

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 05:29 pm

your bike rocks B!

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 05:46 pm

Fucking gorgeous.Just perfect lines.

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 05:58 pm

tight lookin ride man!

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 07:37 pm

Bitchin' that headlight switch is trick, also love the mirror clamped to the triple tree out of the way, nice and clean all around

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 09:21 pm

I wish i could find all the free time/ money you do! "working man, great father/ husband, drag racer/ builder ECT... i swear you can freeze time! love ya. whats next?

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 09:55 pm

workin mans scoot, dig it

Commented on 9-7-2011 At 10:31 pm

Fuckin rad shovel

Commented on 9-8-2011 At 08:25 am

Awesome bike - love the pipes

Commented on 9-8-2011 At 02:09 pm

this is probably one of the nicest bike features yet, super simple, and classic. nothing crazy just a good clean motorcycle. fantastic job.

Commented on 9-8-2011 At 04:40 pm

Thanks guys for all the nice comments..Hellsheros / steve / flipper / teenwolf I love you too.. you know whats next .. evo sporty enterprise style single loop soon to be a build thread on here.. and as far as the head light switch I cant take credit for that.. stolen from Dirty Jason 4 buck at ace hardware

Commented on 9-8-2011 At 05:33 pm

Perfect shovel chopper, man. I can't stop looking at it.

Commented on 9-8-2011 At 08:10 pm

Nice shovel. That pin-striping sets it off.

Commented on 9-10-2011 At 08:21 pm

great bike man and done for the right reason

Commented on 9-28-2011 At 07:24 pm

Very tasty Shovel. Clean work.

Commented on 12-2-2011 At 09:19 am

nice bike hope to start a shovel build soon

Commented on 1-24-2012 At 12:08 pm

Simplicity is always bliss

Commented on 2-6-2012 At 02:12 pm

kick ass bike! love it!

Commented on 4-9-2012 At 05:12 am

One of the best shovels, Ive seen.

Commented on 4-9-2012 At 09:44 am

still my fav!

Commented on 4-9-2012 At 09:51 am

Right now I think I can stop looking at bikes on the internet. This one is perfect. There is nothing left to see.

Commented on 3-14-2013 At 03:05 pm

One of my favorites hands down. Simple and mean.

Commented on 12-14-2013 At 10:23 am

Love it. Did you lower that wide glide? If so how much?


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