Bob's 1978 FLH


Bob is the captain of ladder 2 of the Brockton fire department in Brockton, Massachusetts. His station is the second oldest in the city, dating back to 1888. It was actually wired for power by Thomas Edison. This old fire house is full of charm and character that you would expect from a 123 year old building. From the original Fireman poles to the city's first jail cells in the cellar, this place reeks of class and horse pee. (Remnants of the horses that were kept in the stables over 100 years ago in the adjacent building that currently houses the patrol booth). Cap'n Bawb got this bike off craigslist for a steal. The guy who sold it to him as a complete basket case. To most this seems like a total pain in the ass but luckily this bike was actually put in the baskets by a guy who wasn’t on meth and meticulously cataloged the disassembly so that reassembly was a piece of cake. All the bearings, shims and parts were installed and ready to be assembled. Bawb and his friends threw the bike together soup to nuts in about six months. Since then Bawb has put about 10000 miles on it without any major problems. This bike is a runner and was witnessed on this years Gypsy Run 5.


Owner: Bob Wyman

Location: Brockton Mass

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 74” Shovelhead, 1978.5 FLH, Modifications include J grind cam, .20 over

Frame: Stock

Fork: Stock wide glide

Chassis mods: Shocks dropped 1”

Tire/wheel size and style: Stock 16X5 front and rear with MK2 tires

Favorite thing about this bike: Reliable, Starts within 4 rotations of the suck squeeze bang blow. Reminds me of the old bikes I saw as a kid. Rides like a freight train just chugging down the road.

Next modification will be: Maybe lose the Nacelle or lower the front end a bit. Replace the banana caliper in the rear to match the front.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Nissin front caliper from a RC-51 and a brembo master cylinder from a Ducati. Rear fender is a hinged late pan early shovel with the hinged portion removed. Biltwell seat pan, with Matching P Pad that I made from fiberglass recovered by Shawn Appleman interiors. Foot clutch with hand shift on original ratchet trans.

Thanks: Paul Sherman, Dan Meurin, and the 50 weight crew.

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Commented on 11-14-2011 At 04:51 am

way to go, Cap'n!

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 05:00 am

very cool bike!

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 05:49 am

That's pissa.

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 05:56 am

50 weight love!!!!

Nice Bawb.

Bob is one of the best guys ever with real passion for this shit. Good to see his bike here. Well deserved.

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 06:34 am

paint it green with leather bags and clean-up the frontend and you'll have my old '79 Hawg.......I'll always miss her...should've kept her and kicked out the ol' lady..................lessons learned

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 06:39 am

I don't see a picture of Richie...anywhere....

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 07:37 am

bitchin bagger!!!

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 07:51 am

Now that's a real front brake captain!!!! This bike is fat and juicy. Make a mini version of that nacelle if you ever take that one off.

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 08:07 am

chopped up rigid beasts are fun, but its nice to see somethin different. Theres something about this bike that just says "ride me". Oh and front brakes are awesome.

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 09:08 am

Bob Glad to know ya! Oh yea the bike is nice Too! Tim

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 10:30 am

Such kind words...thanks everyone. This bike is plain old solid. Runs strong, sits just right and has a great vibe to it. The bags are a new addition this past summer and I enjoy their utility. However, I think the bike is much better looking without them. And lastly, maybe I ought to do something about this Boston accent...

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 10:35 am

Love it..........just sold my Sporty Chop, looking for a FLH this and Cro Customs Shop Truck will give me insipration.

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 10:38 am

Another thing............where did you get the bars from?

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 11:09 am

This bike is exactly the look I'm trying to achieve with my shovel build. Thanks for the inspiration!

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 12:08 pm

Reppin Brockton FUCK YEAAA KHED!!! Love the bike.

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 12:51 pm

Basher, those are Biltwell Chumps.

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 01:24 pm

I agree, that sweet front brake mount is genius.

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 02:08 pm


Commented on 11-14-2011 At 04:08 pm

lovely bike. refreshing to see someone running bags on sweet motorcycle

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 04:52 pm

Really sweet ride man. I like the bags, really does look like King of the Highway.

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 06:10 pm

It's no surprise that an class act like Bob cruises a killer clean machine such as this!

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 08:04 pm

awesome bike man. good to see the south shore represented on cc.

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 08:20 pm

Bawbs a sweetheart and looks great in suspenders... Who got the ribeye?

Commented on 11-14-2011 At 11:18 pm

Diggin it Bawb.......

Commented on 11-15-2011 At 05:14 am

Cap'n Bawb, 100% class.

Commented on 11-15-2011 At 10:17 am

What size Chumps are those sweeet bars?

Commented on 11-15-2011 At 10:51 am

Commented on 11-15-2011 At 10:51 am

Commented on 11-15-2011 At 01:42 pm

my man! good to see you getting some decent photos of this beast, it was strange seeing it bagged this summer compared to last but honestly it looks bitchen both ways. a great bike for an even better person

Commented on 11-15-2011 At 04:41 pm

That bike is wicked fackin' sick man!!! An ORIGINAL Sin City (Lynn, Ma.) boy showing respect.

Commented on 11-15-2011 At 06:40 pm

i LOVE that scooter. Very NICE.

Commented on 11-18-2011 At 04:08 am

Nice baggs

Commented on 11-20-2011 At 06:09 pm

The words "cool" and "bagger" don't usually belong together--but we see here that it IS possible.

Commented on 11-23-2011 At 11:23 pm

great bike! I just picked up a sweet 79' FLH. wanna do a seat like that!

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 04:13 pm

nice job captin dig the king of the road if ya ever need some parts im the next town over Holberry

Commented on 1-18-2012 At 04:17 pm

i have a FL nacell front ya can have

Commented on 2-6-2012 At 05:48 pm

love the bobbed rear fender good lookin scoot!

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