Blotto's Shitbox Shovel


Our friend Mike has been building (or having friends build) this old swap meet special so long he actually got it tattoed on his gut just to show it'll never be finished. It's finally running and he's already looking to unload it. We generally don't put up "For Sale" bikes as features, but I *heart* Mike and would like him to be happy. This bike would actually be a lot of fun to ride and tinker with and just square away some of the more, uh, shady bits.



Here's a full run-down and name-drop from Mike:

1977 shitbox Shovel, Otis at Kennedy rebuilt the Shovel trans Jimmy the Saint suckered me into trading a Pan trans for... Swap meet frame from Negotiable Tim, same thing with the front wheel.  My buddy Cory extended the narrow glide 6" I think. Slim mounted the pipe, oil bag, fender and sissy, along with the gas tank and a bunch of other stuff I cant remember. Pretty rare 15" Invader 10 spoke round rear wheel with the tag still on it.  3" belt drive I traded Vince Neil some blow for, scary foot controls and seat were things I got from an ol' 1%'er buddy of mine. Nothing too special about the parts on this deathmachine, I'm too poor to use stuff I could actually get a buck for at the swap.  Rico dont wanna claim it but he got everything close to being lined up and put back together for me then tried to kill me riding two up thru Pomona on it... If he wasnt so sexy,  I'd of punched 'em in the kisser. Pinchy Norman helped with some junk, his cousin Fab Freddy did too. Jimmy the Saint didnt help with shit, neither did Ruben... The pipes are scary low, making right turns almost impossible but thats ok cuz I always go left...The oil bag leaks something terrible, I use a 'C' clamp for a petcock and I dont have a title for the motor cuz real outlaws dont need no stinkin' title. Newer HD caliper in the back but no brake up front cuz brakes just slow you down... But she starts first kick and is loud and proud, as a proper Shovel should be... Bikes for sale, get at me here.

Brand used, top of the bottom shelf parts here.

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Commented on 6-15-2011 At 09:20 am

What? Mike D on a Shovel. I thought he was a high falutin Ducati rider now? Anyways, The Sickness is The Sickness!!!

Commented on 6-15-2011 At 11:15 am

Does anyone really want to own a bike that's tattooed on some dude's stomach?

Actually, I know someone!

There's a gay feller named Grant who lives damn close to this Blotto Mike and he would dig it.

Commented on 6-15-2011 At 11:16 am

Though you'll have to throw in those black Hanes underwear to sweeten the deal...

Commented on 6-15-2011 At 12:18 pm

proper machine. whoever has enough scratch is one lucky duder.

Commented on 6-15-2011 At 01:27 pm

Correction, Doctor Coctagon, those Hanes appear to have a dark blue band with a more powder blue body as opposed to the black you mentioned in the post above. Just sayin.

Commented on 6-15-2011 At 05:27 pm

i definately wouldnt mind owning it

Commented on 6-16-2011 At 09:29 am

Your comments grieve me deeply. Was not my spiritual guidance through your project of more value than any earthly , shabby old part?

Commented on 6-16-2011 At 10:07 am

Michael Jordan who? I think we've found Hanes new spokesman!

Commented on 6-16-2011 At 08:47 pm

It's worth TWICE what he's asking! Someone buy it quick, before he changes his mind!!!

Commented on 6-17-2011 At 05:43 am

whats scribbled on the downtube?

Commented on 6-21-2011 At 10:56 am

Checked this bike out this morning when I met up with Otto. It's pretty damn cool. A little rough, yeah. But cool. Two primer kicks and BAM - one kick wonder. It's smaller than it looks, too. Or, maybe I'm bigger than I realize(?).

I believe the down tube reads "Max who?"

Commented on 9-1-2011 At 09:54 am

That bike is awesome man!

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