Black Magic


I don’t know what to say about Chris Johnson or his bike. So, I’ll start with this: he lives in Yucaipa, California with his fiancé. He is a mechanic for the railroad and owns chickens, a pit bull, a pit-bike, and a real clean cone shovel too. He built a bar that’s attached to his garage, so that doesn’t suck. What more could you ask for?


While shooting Jeff Spaid’s bike (“Shitty Glitter”) in a vacant field in Yucaipa, Jeff told me about his buddy’s clean cone that had just been finished.


I say, “Cool! Where does he live?”


Jeff says, “In that house right there, but he’s out of town.” Jeff laughed as he pointed to the closest house to us.


“Well damn, looks like I’m coming out here again soon.” I said.



It was a fun time shooting Chris’s bike. Jeff rolled down and we just hung out at Chris’s neighbor’s property overlooking Yucaipa while having some good laughs, drinking some beers, and telling each other tall tales. That’s one of the reasons we all continue to ride bikes, right? Meeting new people and bonding over the common thread of two wheels.





Owner name, locationChris Johnson, Yucaipa, CA, “Black Magic”

ChopCult profileLexicandevil

Motor/tranny: Late model 80” cone Shovelhead with loose lady cow pie tranny.

Frame/Rake: Custom frame, builder is unknown but it's bitchin with about a 30-degree rake.



Front End: Early Showa 35mm but I shaved the lowers and cleaned up the triple trees.

Tire/wheel size and style: rear 16” wheel with a Firestone Deluxe Champion and the front wheel is a 23” spoolie with a Bridgestone Trail Wing



Favorite thing about this bike: The cases are original Harley but somewhere in its rough past someone stamped 46FLxxxx in the motor VIN spot. So, it's really a '46 knuckle. Hahah! My other favorite things are the lines, stance and the way the 23” wheel, tank, seat and sissy all flow and complement each other.

Next modification will be: Right now I love the bike so it's hard to say what I would change. It's ready for lots of miles and party's!



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: Killer paint job by Rob Turner. I tried to keep it simple and nostalgic.

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: I love motorcycles and Black Sabbath rules!

Thanks to Eddy Gold and Mick Evangelista made it fast. Rob at Turners Customs helped me make it pretty. Kayleigh Gold gives it all the style! -Chris


*Photos by @loughridge

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Commented on 4-9-2016 At 01:00 am

Sweet looking chop mate and I liked the photo shoot.

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