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ChopCult member Nic Jacobs first threw a leg over a dirt bike at the age of four and as he says "it's been downhill since." He's one of the millions of enthusiasts that lives and breathes all things two wheels to the point of starting a small shop in San Antonio, Texas called Dumbluck Garage. When he's not wrenching at Dumbluck, you can find him at Action Bikes working as a bicycle mechanic. "Heavy Cream is the second ground-up build that I've done, but I've played with everything from desert race stuff to drift cars, mopeds, and mini bikes. Anything out there that I can't afford, and might get me hurt." I want to thank Nic for his patience and ongoing support. Enjoy!


Photos by Boogieman Joe

Name and location: Nic Jacobs, San Antonio, TX

Chop Cult Member profile: poopgod

Bike name: Heavy Cream



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1988 Sportster 1200 custom built by Tommy at Hog Haus, in other words, I have no idea what's in there but it’s fucking fast. 4 speed

Frame: stock with TC Bros hardtail kit

Fork: 4” over fork tubes on lowbrow custom 2” under lowers, there's nothing wrong with showing a little more leg.



Chassis mods: Lots and lots of little things that most people wouldn't notice; but for me, these are the most time-consuming details. The best one is the top motor mount. It was made of sissybar screw ups and marijuana-induced ideas. The oil tank was a lot of fun. It was supposed to resemble an old milk jug, but it came out looking more like R2D2 (these are NOT the droids you're looking for homie). However, I still love it, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Tire/wheel size and style: 16” stock rear double white wall Shinko 21” spool wheel from TC Bros with Avon Speedmaster!


Favorite thing about this bike: It's tough to pick a favorite part, but once again that fucking droid oil tank staring at me with that judgey robot eye. The sissy bar also came out rad. There are so many little things I could go on and on about. The pinstriping deserves its paragraph, Blue Rooster customs here in San Antonio brought this piece together with the crazy amount of details. The C.R.E.A.M. on the frame is my favorite. This is the second bike he has done for me and every time it comes out fantastic. The motor work Tommy did was amazing, to say the least. I dropped off the motor in pieces and picked up a masterpiece. This HAS to be black magic-he's a god-damned wizard man.



Next modification will be: That's in the hands of the chopper gods. Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: The sissy bar center post is removable in case you have to hit something with a huge ball bearing. The tail light is a ‘48 Chevy with a glass lens- which makes it fancy. The bars are a Chopper Swapper score, I don't know much about them, but they're bitchin. The pipes are Paugcho fishtails. The seat pan was scratch-built and then done up by Frankie at Ballin Z Customs. Everything was painted with rattle cans under a tree in my front yard then Rooster striped and cleared it.


Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: The night we got it running it was like 2 am, and I HAD to ride it. It had no brakes, and I was not sober. I took off anyway, setting off every damned car alarm down my street with a huge fucking smile on my face. And again, no brakes! This bike was built entirely in a tiny ass one car garage, with a pile of laundry in the corner, and snotty feral-ass kids are running around stealing tools and sticking rocks and sticks into the gas tank.



Thanks to: Too many people to list. First off my wife, Jenni “Mama Bird” Jacobs. I owe her everything. I don't care if that sounds sappy, she's an amazing woman, and our kids (Booger Jack, age 2 and Monroe, age 5) are pretty cool too. Robert Cheek, who inspired me to build bikes in the first place. Chris Nelson at Texas Outlaw Cycles, Tommy at Hog Haus, John Dunlevy at Torture Tested Racing. Frankie at Ballin Customz. Rooster at Blue Rooster customs. All the hard-working ladies at the Slit Squad. Tony Fantasia at Fantasia Custom Designs. TC Bros helped out a ton; they are super nice guys with solid products. Jason “sad girl” Spicer, Phil “gator” Simms, Forrest (pretty eyes) Hawthorn. Benny “baby dreamer” Brooks and Patty “dope man” Patty. All the Saytown Chopper Boyz, and of course the Boogieman for capturing the awesomeness that is Heavy Cream on film.


Dumbluck Garage - Website / Facebook / Instagram

Photos by Boogieman Joe

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Commented on 3-7-2019 At 09:06 am

Beautiful ride!

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