Bender Risers by Show Class Magazine and Lee Bender


We are always looking for tech articles to run in the mag. I personally love to see how people make things whether I can do it or not. One of the things I love most about choppers is dreaming about what could be, looking at the raw parts and imagining it running down the road. Because we aren't putting together stock bikes we are always trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole. I love to see how people make parts work. Lee is a constant contributor to the mag… Lee and his friends live it all the time and I love seeing what he's up to whether he's camping, road tripping or making shit…. Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks!


Dig up some old risers you've got lying around or get fancy on the lathe and make some cute beveled edges yourself.  Get some material


Find your closest chop saw, angle grinder, or Jim Dugan and cut to length.  I wouldn't suggest 24 inch risers, but maybe that's your gig and your names Gary.


There you have it.


Make some marks on the preemie risers.  Where you want the radi to start/stop... or again, If you're fancy enough, use your lathe, everyone's doing it.  Remember that the blade will cut out material, so make measurements thinking about your "blades".


Cut hoe!


2 ='s 4


We fancy.  Clean em up with whatever you got.  




After cut, throw em on some 1" bar and make them nice and even.  


Clean up the material before you start welding.  Easier now than after there's kibbles and bits welded to each end, so why not?


Bevel the edges to make room for better/cleaner less boogery welds.


Tack them up where you can... vice, vice or vice.  If you don't have a vice, find a vice. 


Bend up your bar stock.  This is where you can color outside of the lines... Bend them up as much or little as you want.


Welded, scotch brited, and clamped, we only lost 3 fingers this go around.  Mocked up like a mug.


If you didn't like or find this useful, don't read it. Especially now that you're all the way through it. Get over it, WE OUT HERE!


To sumbit a tech article to Show Class Magazine, please email Tim. Thanks!

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Commented on 2-24-2014 At 01:21 pm

Very nice!

Commented on 2-24-2014 At 01:45 pm

Thats awesome...

Commented on 2-24-2014 At 03:09 pm

Bad ass write up!!

Commented on 2-25-2014 At 06:57 am

Jim Dugan!!!

Commented on 2-25-2014 At 09:45 am

sexy as fuck

Commented on 2-25-2014 At 10:56 am


Commented on 2-25-2014 At 11:53 am

those welds look great!

Commented on 2-26-2014 At 08:16 am

sweet i might even be able to do that

Commented on 2-27-2014 At 06:42 am

Sweet article Tim!


Commented on 3-2-2014 At 06:03 pm

Great pics. Nice writeup. Thanks for sharing

Commented on 3-2-2014 At 06:03 pm

Great pics. Nice writeup. Thanks for sharing

Commented on 3-29-2014 At 08:34 am

Im pretty sure Jason Rouche @ Special 79 Did this bout 3-4 years ago.

Commented on 3-31-2014 At 11:29 am

lee bender is a legend

Commented on 8-23-2015 At 08:59 pm

Totally cool stuff, great write up !!

Commented on 8-23-2015 At 08:59 pm

Totally cool stuff, great write up !!

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