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Benny Stucker is a name that you should familiarize yourself with. Why, do you ask? Well, he just joined the ChopCult contributor family and will be producing a monthly feature. Benny and I were introduced to each other by Scott Halbleib during the Kentucky Kickdown last year. Scott helped me with the article and luck would have it Benny allowed ChopCult to run his photos from the day. Benny enjoys riding his 2001 Sportster chopper with his friends and plans on supporting many events in Ohio and beyond. I'm looking forward to working with Benny and would like to welcome him to the team. I thought it might be cool to do a little one-on-one with Benny so you can get to know him. Enjoy!



Name: Benny Stucker

Location: Indianapolis

What do you do for a living? I'm a Union sheetmetal worker Local 20



How long have you been behind the lens? I have been behind the lens for a little over a year now.


Why did you choose a year ago to pursue photography? Was it something that always interested you? Photography has always sparked my interest, and one day I decided to just buy a used camera and fool around with it. The first time I captured a good image I was hooked. I dove right in reading everything about photography I could get my hands on.



What’s your go-to camera and why? I started out with a used Nikon D80, then found a used Nikon D7000 with a price that was to good to pass up in August of 2016. It's the only camera I could afford at that time. I eventually want to purchase a full frame camera. Maybe by the end of the year I can afford one.


Who in the industry inspires you?  My good buddy Mike Vandegriff, Mikey Revolt, Josh Kurpius, Ryan Loughridge, Matthew Aims, Enrique Parrilla, and my friend Tanja Greene.



What is your favorite place to photograph? My favorite places to shoot are anywhere off the beaten trail really; alleyways, old bridges in the middle of nowhere. And out roaming the countryside.


Do you have a favorite time of day to shoot? I prefer to shoot in the late afternoon, but I just enjoy shooting pictures so time of day doesn't really matter to me.



What type of motorcycle do you ride? I ride a 2001 Sportster chopper.




What is your go-to music? East Coast Hip-hop


What types of features can we expect from you? I love shooting people that are working in their shop or garage. Being a fly on the wall and catching people working on bikes is my favorite thing to do. I recently took a trip to Cleveland to hang out with my good friend Alex from Strange Cycle and shoot a bunch of pictures of him around his shop. I also did the same thing with my best bud Mike from Chop N Weld. Both of those features will be posted to Chop Cult soon.



Do you have any events lined up that you plan on attending this year? I go to as many events in the Midwest as my life will allow. I always start out with going to April Fuels here in Indiana that’s put on by one of the best people I know, Anthony Robertson; everyone calls him Cooker. Then I always ride Pinned Ohio that's put on by my good friend Kareem Jackson. I will go to Fuel Cleveland that's put on my the amazing Michael Arnold aka Mikey Revolt. Then me and some close friends, Kyle and Jessica Mulligan, host the Boogie Farm Clam Jam here in Indiana in August. Then off to the motor city for the Venturos BBQ as well as Oily Souls.



Anyone you would like to thank? I would like to thank my amazing, loving wife Alicia Stucker, Chop Cult, Mike Reed, Mike Vandegriff, Kyle and Jessica Mulligan, Zach Grey, all the boys at the Hole in The Sky, Derick Seiber, Aric Heckman, Brenen Hiler, Jes Simpson, Mumbles, City Moto, Andrew Lucas, Cole Potter, and about 1000 other people that have put up this me and or have helped me in one way or another. You all know who you are!!!!!!!



Kindly give Benny a follow on Instagram and check out more of his photography here.

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Commented on 2-12-2017 At 06:13 pm

Awesome write up on this guy, looking forward to seeing more of his work on CC in the future.

Commented on 7-31-2017 At 12:41 pm

I am also riding a chopped up sporty in Indy! Would love to come check your shop out, I dig your style man!

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