Alice Bowie


I first met Tony Nguyen around 10 years ago when we were both living in Mammoth, CA. I was crashing on the floor of my buddy Joe Eddy’s place and snowboarding every day I could. I wasn’t old enough to get into the bars (not that it stopped me from trying, and often succeeding), but most nights were spent at house parties in different neighborhoods throughout Mammoth. Tony was one of the resident filmers for Grenade Gloves. I knew who he was, but (rightfully so) he had no clue who I was. This was all before I knew I was going to try to make a career in photo and video. I was still toking on the pipe dream of making a career in snowboarding. Anyways, I knew who Tony was and in my mind, it was cool to be hanging with people of that standing.



A few injuries, ego bruises, reality checks, and years later I found myself out of the snowboard world and inside LandSpeeD Motorcycle Shop, in Fountain Valley, CA. There, I was introduced to Asian Tony.


“Hi, I’m Tony. I’m Asian, and people call me Asian Tony.”


Sure enough, it was the same, Tony. Cracking dry jokes and turning wrenches instead of powder turns (unless the forecast called for it.) Tony’s shop, LandSpeeD, is a great place. Between Tony, Erik, and the other part-timers, the staff is always helpful and personable. You’re bound to see some good antics. For a good laugh, check out Tony’s April 1st, IG post or the numerous videos of him gluing various electronics to the sidewalk in front of the shop for unsuspecting thieves to attempt to steal.



As the king of craigslist and insane deals, there are always new projects to be envious of at Tony’s shop. This Panhead was built for the LandSpeeD booth during the last Born Free. A classic chopper, it has as many blacked out pieces as chromed. I spent months looking at this bike and I was so busy admiring it that I forgot to ask if I could shoot it. I guess I was too busy watching Tony’s electronics baiting pranks on Instagram.





Owner name, locationLandSpeeD Motorcycle Shop, aka Tony Nguyen, Huntington Beach, Ca. The REAL Surf City, USA. The new GhettoByTheSea @landspeedmotorcycleshop

Bike name: I’ve always thought naming your bike was gay… That being said, I think we will call her, ”Alice Bowie "



Engine/tranny, year and make, model, modifications: This lil’ bitch has got a 1955 83” Panhead motor, manufactured by the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company. 1961 4- speed ratchet top transmission also Harley Davidson.

Frame/Rake: 1955 re-pop straight leg frame, stock rake. Removed the coil mount and tool bag mount. Toolbag? For what? It’s a Harley! Hahaha.

Front End: Harley BT springer forks, no front brake needed because there’s a rear mechanical brake which almost guarantees death. I think I got the bars from Ari Vee. They were super narrow, so I had to warm up some 4” brass risers and skinny them up. Grips are Lowbrow fish scales.



Tire/wheel size and style:  Let’s see, 21”/18” AKRONT chrome wheels, Buchanan Stainless polished spokes, laced to star hubs and skinny little deathtrap style tires.

Favorite thing about this bike: Honestly, I hate this bike. I built it expecting to trade it for a 1968 Dodge Charger. The dude reneged on the deal, leaving me with a bike that’s way too fancy for my taste.



Next modification will be:  NONE. This bike is a reminder to expect people to let you down.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc (paint, seat, tires, bars, switches, pipes, doodads): Paint by Joel845, Joe Hunt Magneto, S&S Super E carb, bird deflector engraved by my friend Chase Stopnik. Funny story. I had an old shovelhead with a lever action rifle that someone made into a clutch/hand shifter that Chase wanted. You really can’t put a price on something as useless as that, so I think we traded some socks and the deflector for it. The fiberglass seat pan was layered by LandSpeeDMotorcycleShop, padded by Brent Maggard, and covered by a Mexican upholstery shop. I bent up some stainless for the sissy bar and foot pegs, which were topped by ATR mini Anderson pegs.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: Erik Martinez made me finish this bike. He said I needed to have something fancy for my booth at BF7. He also helped me heat up them risers, setting up a jig on the fly, and it actually worked out on the first try. I’d had all the parts for the bike sitting around the shop, collectively for the last 4 years. Joel845 was the first painter that ever completed the job the day he said it would be done. Bill Buckingham came through with the oil tank at the last minute. I had ordered some oil lines from some company with a cool name, but none of them fit right, so my buddy Victor Murphy, a plumber, bent new lines and flared all the ends. My friend Vince, The MotorMan, did all of the machine work. I think it was all completed in 3 weeks.



Thanks to My GF Andrea for all the support and kind words, Erik for keeping the shop flowing, EVERY ONE OF MY CUSTOMERS; without you, none of this would be possible… Tony

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Commented on 5-24-2016 At 04:11 am

I can see why you hate that bike.

Commented on 5-25-2016 At 01:47 pm

One of my favourites

Commented on 5-26-2016 At 10:04 am


Commented on 5-27-2016 At 08:47 pm

Love it!!!!

Commented on 5-28-2016 At 05:03 am

That bike is so nice!

Commented on 5-28-2016 At 03:40 pm

Very nice and naming your bike IS gay.

Commented on 6-2-2016 At 03:18 am

Very Nice!!!

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