A Bike Named Sue by Kevin Bosch


I was thrilled when ChopCult member Kevin Bosch asked if we’d be interested in running his bike. I was immediately impressed with what I saw through his Instagram account. One thing that stood out to me about Kevin is that as a 33 member, he gave Slim Fab Farm, a ChopCult advertiser, some of his business. Slim is known for his parts line as well as his building and fabrication skills. He listens to his customer's needs and gets the job done. I hope you like Kevin’s bike as much as I do.



This bike started off as an '07 Nightster I purchased from a guy in Vegas. It was a good price and I wanted to make it my own style. I went with the new EVO Sporty because it's a reliable bike and would get me back and forth with out a hassle. I changed the whole appearance of the bike and went with a more '70's look. I added the king and queen tall sissy to start it off, and then from there, just kinda worked my way through the bike.



I found out about Slim from a buddy of mine. He's a stand up guy, super cool, and does some of the best work around. He basically turned my dream into a reality. Overall, she is pretty much done. Of course, I have some minor things I want to add, some rad paint being one of them. But, that's all to come in the future; as of right now, I just wanna rip this bike every day. I named the bike Sue cuz it was plain and a work in progress average like any other stock evo sporty when I think of Sue I just think of the old 60's and 70's and how much things have changed if that makes sense



Owner name, location: Kevin Bosch, Chino, CA


Chop Cult Member profile: kbosch71



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 2007 Nightster 1200, switched to Mukuni HSR 42 carb


Frame: Stock frame with a slim fab hardtail kit



Fork: 39mm plus 4 with shaved and polished legs


Tire/wheel size and style: 21 front disk rim with Avon speedster, 16in Shinko rear tire



Favorite thing about this bike: The tank, Slim did a full custom tank for me and we wanted to do something different so we added some cool fins to the bottom , it gives it a real god look, Also i dig the seat its supper comfy for long halls .


Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: King and queen seat , custom pipes , Bike also has a micro machine computer witch makes the hole bike run off 4 wires, Witch was key when i switched the EFI to carburetor , Added a oil cooler to keep engine cool , custom oil bag , custom points cover made out of a 3 in coin.



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Commented on 10-30-2014 At 12:06 pm

really dig the little chop love sportys

Commented on 10-30-2014 At 01:55 pm

One of my favorite builds!! It was good times! Would love one for myself,thanks for the kind words and great write up Lisa,and Mr.Bosch!! Pics look perfect! Slim

Commented on 10-30-2014 At 01:59 pm

Great looking bike.

Commented on 10-30-2014 At 03:19 pm

Bike looks great and those fins are killer. Finishing my own sporty chop this winter.

Commented on 10-30-2014 At 05:20 pm

What's the story with that "Abe Lincoln" points cover?

Commented on 10-30-2014 At 05:29 pm

David it's a 3 in coin I just drilled the holes to fit my points cover super simple and looks rad look on eBay for some cool 3 in coins

Commented on 10-30-2014 At 07:50 pm

Killer bike!

Commented on 10-31-2014 At 08:21 am

Really nice! Yeah!

Commented on 10-31-2014 At 12:20 pm


Commented on 10-31-2014 At 12:39 pm

Absolutely perfect. I've wanted to do something similar to my evo sportster.

Commented on 11-1-2014 At 11:46 pm

That bike is damn near perfect to me. Long ass front end and its DONE!

Commented on 11-3-2014 At 10:42 pm

Hey can you tell me more about the micro machine computer and your wiring harness after ditching the efi?

Commented on 11-4-2014 At 11:52 am

Killer! What's the drop/stretch on that hardtail?

Commented on 11-7-2014 At 08:41 pm

Dig it! Paint is perfect in my opinion.

Commented on 12-8-2014 At 11:57 am

How did you guys do those upsweeps on the rubbermount?

Commented on 12-14-2014 At 10:51 am

sweet build

Commented on 10-22-2016 At 06:38 pm

This is like my dream bike. Beautiful build and very inspirational. All the little things, (like matching grips, shifter, and fuel line, etc) make this a bitchin bike.

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