6 Pack: Better Shooting with Gary Griffin

Acclaimed shooter Gary Griffin walks us through six simple steps for better motorcycle photography with any camera.

If you've been around the newstand or internet and are into custom motorcycles and hot rods, chances are you've drooled over a machine shot by Gary Griffin. 6 Pack is a recurring feature on Chop Cult where we ask people we respect to share a little knowledge from their field of expertise in small doses that even us meatheads can understand. Here's what Gary has to say:

Everybody has a digital camera these days. Here are 6 quick and easy tips to getting some half-decent motorbike shots:


1. Get low
Looking up at the bike, as opposed to looking down from eye-level, gives a unique perspective and also makes the bike seem larger than life.


2. Kiss the sky
Another reason to get low is to use God's naturally painted backdrop, the sky.


3. Go wide
Wide-angle lenses squeeze more of the bike into the frame. On a super-compact digi-cam, zoom the lens to its widest setting and move closer!


4. Go long
I know, contradictions, but I love a long lens, especially for detail shots. Zoom out to the max of your lens and throw the background out of focus!


5. Wake up early
Or late. The idea is to use the warmer light of the morning or evening, as opposed to the middle of the day, avoiding harsh shadows and "hot spots" on your shiny bits.


6. Be patient
Most of the time, the lighting is bad, the location sucks, or there are people in the way. Relax, have a cold beverage. Keep your eyes open. The perfect shot will unfold. Just make sure your camera is ready. Good luck.

You can see more of Gary's work at good luck photo
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Comment with Chopcult (26)

Commented on 7-24-2009 At 07:47 am

Thanks for sharing,I love your work and top shot is my fav..

Commented on 7-29-2009 At 05:05 pm

thanks wes!!

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 05:38 am

Nice as always!

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 06:07 am

killer work, thanks

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 09:55 am

very nice- good tips

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 12:02 pm

Can use some of these tips when I'm done with my bikes. Good work!

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 03:27 pm

I wish I could take better pictures, I guess I should actually try more often. Good tips, thanks.

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 05:42 pm

Thank you for the tips...

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 08:12 pm

Great stuff Gary...Thank you for sharing.

Commented on 8-1-2009 At 11:49 pm

Thanks for the tips. Now, all I need is an actual camera...

Commented on 8-2-2009 At 12:09 am

thanx that some good shit to know

Commented on 8-2-2009 At 09:07 am

Yea ive seen a FEW of those pics/bikes around. Thanx for the meathead tips

Commented on 8-2-2009 At 03:32 pm

thats cool I have wondered how they do alot of that stuff. I always thought it was a special camera.

Commented on 8-3-2009 At 08:10 am

Really helpful and easy to use tips. Thanks.

Commented on 8-3-2009 At 07:48 pm

wow, good input. my picture usually blow

Commented on 8-4-2009 At 06:47 am

Good stuff!

Commented on 8-4-2009 At 07:06 am

Good TIPS I'm always looking for an intresting angle to capture a bike

Commented on 8-7-2009 At 02:30 am

Amazing pictures, I need to have my old lady read this shit, she's my crew's unofficial photographer!!!

Commented on 8-9-2009 At 06:21 pm

damn, i know more than i thought!

Commented on 8-9-2009 At 09:48 pm

Thanks for the tips

Commented on 8-10-2009 At 11:28 am

Those pics are sic

Commented on 8-10-2009 At 01:23 pm

thanks, guys!
love the comments.


Commented on 8-15-2009 At 11:33 am

Nice tips man, they'll come in handy down the line.

Commented on 8-16-2009 At 07:34 pm

Thanks! Great write up. Another tip I saw in an old magazine, try shooting down from a ladder, gives you another unusual perspective.

Commented on 9-13-2010 At 04:46 pm

Will try them out on my on going build.

Commented on 5-15-2012 At 04:06 pm

Thanks, I suck at photography.

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