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Dirty little secrets are funny things. One man's source of beaming pride might be another's most harrowing embarrassment. There are gentlemen in this world who collect stamps, for instance, but considerably more who deem such diversions the last bastion of douchebaggery. Wes White is neither a philatelist nor a lavage de vagin, but he knows the etymology of both words, and can speak them in two languages.

A self-described pagan with a greasy streak a mile wide, The brawny man behind Four Aces Cycle possesses a brain with even more kick than the high-compression motorcycle engines and scrupulously detailed transmissions he’s been rebuilding for nearly 20 years. In his younger days, Mr. White focused his cerebral heft on the study of world history. Once bitten by the motorcycle bug, however, Wes applied his mental energy to the less pedantic and infinitely more satisfying pursuit of good times on two wheels.   




Wes White
Age: 41
Business: Four Aces Cycle Supply
Town: Pac-Town, SFV

Coworkers: Jeff, Joseph, Danny
Riding buddies: Jedd, Jeff, Wingnuts



First time on two wheels: YZ80, 1980. Borrowed it from the neighbor kid and got in big trouble with my folks when they found out.  Other than a great uncle or two in the 1930's, I was the first in my family to get the motorcycle bug  
First hand-built motorcycle: I brought home a 1968 Triumph Chopper disassembled in the back of my car from Folly Beach, South Carolina in 1992. I unloaded it into my second story apartment in Columbia, SC.  I put it together over the course of a year and then had to figure out how to get it down stairs. It was a tall and steep staircase. I resisted the temptation to ride it down the stairs and pushed it carefully, although it would not have been the first time I rode a motorcycle on stairs 
Earliest two-wheeled adventure: In 1990, I left Tallahassee on a '75 Sportster and spent several days cruising around Florida. It was all very low-key
Most recent two-wheeled adventure: The 2009 Biltwell Bash was my latest two-wheeled adventure of any magnitude. Riding around Southern California and camping out in a field with 300 similar-minded people is hard to beat  
Current stable of bikes and projects:

  • 1951 Triumph TR5:  This is the bike I race at Bonneville. This year it gets a set of tubular gas tanks, a new frame-mounted oil tank and new carburettor mounts. Also it gets a fresh set of pistons (10.5 to 1 Mondial), fresh hone and valve freshening 
  • 1953 Triumph 650cc Showbike. Chrome Frame, shouldered alloys, and the WORKS. Fairly froggy dual carb motor and all the beauty kit we can throw at it. Nick-O-Teen paint of course 
  • 1956 Triumph Mild Custom: Cool old dude customer wants it like it was in 1962. Stock tins, MCM Fork Covers, custom wiring.  Good stuff
  • 1973 Triumph 750. Finishing up a very mild custom, almost restoration 
  • 1936 Indian Chief: Period Bobber project. This one is mine. Flathead V-Twin Motor, rigid frame, 1947 Girder Front end. My first American made custom in years 
  • 1950 Panhead: Period racer replica, then again Harley never won any races, Triumphs always beat them. But its should be a fun one to ride


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Commented on 9-19-2009 At 09:43 pm

No secret, Im a fan of Four aces. Interesting read. Best wishes to your continued success.

Commented on 9-20-2009 At 07:01 am

We'll I've known Wes for a while now. Pre Four Aces. We've become good friends. Ride together in the Wing Nuts. Business partners in NLAMC. He spends Christmas eves at my home. He never hesitates to help me out and I'm there for him. But there is something about him I just can't put my finger on and I hope it's not true. When he didn't realize I was creeping around the shop, I heard him speaking French to someone on the phone. He quickly switched back to English when I made my presence known. Wes claims he's a Southern Boy, but could it be the south of France. I hope not. I would be very disappointed if he was French Canadian, but if he's French French, I swear to God I'll burn down his Shop!

Commented on 9-20-2009 At 09:47 am

Wes high on tequila is always fun too.

Commented on 9-20-2009 At 10:34 am

Us southern boys stick together, but sometimes it takes a little fire water for our accents to come back.

Wes is sexy as hell!

Commented on 9-20-2009 At 01:27 pm

Hey Wes, any advice on transitioning from world history to the motorcycle industry? I'm an archaeologist who travels all the time, and would rather be home with my new family (1st baby on the way) and my bikes, as i hardly get to ride/wrench anymore?

Commented on 9-20-2009 At 02:04 pm

All what McGoo said and a good dude to boot.

ALTHOUGH, now said you maybe French or have unknown reasons to be drawn into those sorts, well, All I can say is that Ghey pride is on the strong - rainbows forever...

Commented on 9-20-2009 At 02:23 pm

I guess I am gonna have to come clean on the French, now that McGoo has let the cat out of the bag. I was raised by French speaking coon-ass alligators in the Louisiana swamps after I fell out of an airplane over the Bayou.

Commented on 9-20-2009 At 07:13 pm

yeah sure,so I was going down the road the other day,and I saw this trump
on the side of the road,only this one had it's BACK wheel to the curb,and
I thought that's not a bad looking sled,maybe I should'nt be the purist
prick I have been for the last 34 years,so party on boys,good luck to
ok adios

Commented on 9-20-2009 At 07:36 pm


I *heart* Wes.

Commented on 9-21-2009 At 07:35 am

great read!

Commented on 9-21-2009 At 09:32 am

Wes is a super good guy. I love hanging out at his shop I always learn lots of new stuff, he is like an encyclopedia on any motorcycle related parts or people. See you Friday, Wes.

Commented on 9-21-2009 At 11:14 am

Awesome guy, Awesome bikes!!

Commented on 9-21-2009 At 12:39 pm

Laissez le bons temps rouler! J'ai eu plaisir à avoir connaissance de vous. Vos motos sont très intéressantes.

Commented on 9-21-2009 At 09:07 pm

wes, pretty sure i waited in line for the john at speed week with ya. i shoulda said hi but i wasnt sure if it was you or not. so here is hello.

-andy carter

Commented on 9-22-2009 At 07:36 am

yea man, you shoulda said hello, although I understand the awkward moments at the john are not always the best time to say "hello". We will be there next year though. Loewe, merci bien pour les mots gentilles. Malheureusement, mon langue n'est pas tellement courrant apres tous ces annees. C'etait bien longetemps puisque que j'ai parle regulierement. mais de temps en temps je peux etonner une jeune fille avec ma bouche francaise!!

Commented on 9-22-2009 At 09:41 am

i dont know what the last part says but we should meet up next year.

Commented on 9-22-2009 At 06:10 pm

folly beach!

man, i lived in a cinder block house on the isle of palms for a while in the late '60s. we'd ride motorcycles over rattle snakes in the swamp where wild dunes is now. that little house was still there in 2000, many hurricanes since i'd last visited.

can't tell ya how many moonlight swims we had in what i subsequently learned was the preferred feeding time for sharks.

hope to see ya at born free in orange!

Commented on 9-22-2009 At 07:12 pm

Always quick to answer any question no matter how stupid it seems to be. Thanks Wes.

Commented on 9-23-2009 At 01:13 pm

You learn a little bit every day. Today I learned a little bit about Wes. Thanks.

Commented on 9-27-2009 At 09:31 am

did you see what Wes White wrote on his twitter today?!?!

Commented on 12-8-2009 At 02:22 am

Wish we had one here on Oz !!

Commented on 1-3-2010 At 12:26 am

Wes is one of the most down to earth guys I have ever met. I bought a biltwell helmet from him before EDR 08 and he let me hang around his shop for over an hour ( I was 18 and had never seen so many cool bikes). He always willing to help every time I need a part or have a question. Cool dude.

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