21 Questions with Dale Yamada of Mad Jap Customs


I had the opportunity to meet Dale Yamada during Sturgis a few years back. His quiet demeanor was put to the test with the state's endless nuisance for another hidden fee. Dale basically told them to kiss his ass, closed his booth and went for a ride to clear his head. He is a man that stands up for his brand, family and country. I asked my Canadian buddy for some words on his company, Mad Jap Kustoms.

“My background is as licensed mechanic. I have built full tube chassis cars, big trucks, boats, and everything in between. I was practically born in a cab over truck and was raised around West Coast Canadian club bikes. Some of those original club bikes are still running around to this day.

Oddly enough I bought my first motorcycle in 1996 and it was a 1991Suzuki GSXR750, blue and white in color with polished wheels and frame. That was the beginning of my ten-year stint motorcycle racing in Western Canada and Western USA tracks.

In 2007 Mad Jap Kustoms was born and was named after my late father. I kind of went back to my upbringing around West Coast BC rigid club bikes. I remember always being around them and the guys that built and road the hell out of them.

The motorcycle scene in Canada is great. Most of the riding I do is in the West and in the rocky mountain area. Some of my favorite places to go are, Kelowna which is (well to me anyways) a historical club run destination, Salmon Arm area and right on the coast of British Columbia. With the shop booked solid and no time, it’s really hard to get out and ride. When I do get out usually it’s just myself with my bike heading out with no set plan.

My next bike venue will be Born Free and maybe… will see Sturgis. Other than those two that’s it. I would love to do a more venues but I just don’t have the funds too. It’s crazy expensive to do bike shows in the USA and up here the riding season is so short I have to work my ass off in the summer to stay alive for the long winter. Hey don’t get me wrong here if I didn’t have to worry about money, I would do what I do for free. I’m one lucky SOB.”



Name: Dale Yamada

Age: Well I act immature

Job: Owner and Operator of Mad Jap Kustoms

Town: Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Co-Workers: Michelle, she's a babe and I'm in love with her

Riding buddies: Anyone up for a ride when I have time to go…..usually a spur of the moment kind of thing

First Time on two wheels: Age Nine



First hand-built motorcycle: A truly hand built bike top to bottom? Well the closest thing to that would be my 40EL

Earliest two-wheeled adventure: My BMX day's. Man I lived, ate and breathed BMX!

Most recent two-wheeled adventure: Last September I went on a 4 day solo ride threw the interior of the BC Rockies….good times :-)



Current stable of bike and projects: Oh God where to begin…….

Tools I wish I have but don’t: I wish I had a CNC machine

Tools I have and wish I didn’t: Hammer!



Heaven on Earth: Nice warm day with the shop doors open, me working away and hearing my kids playing in the background.

Proudest moment: No brainer, the birth of my two kids Cade and Samantha.



Darkest secret: Well it wouldn't be a secret then would it?

Deepest fear: Losing my wife Michelle and my kids

Biggest regret: Not spending enough time with my Dad before he passed away

Reason for being: To ensure my kids are happy and have an amazingly well round life



If I lost my right arm:  Well in 2008 I got hit by a car while riding my bike and it was really bad.  I broke my back in lower three vertebrae, almost lost my left leg a few times (due to the severe trauma to it) during my lengthy stay in the hospital, broke my pelvis in four places, had massive internal injuries, two collapsed lungs and ribs, I was in and out of a wheel chair for over a year. So if I lost my right arm I'm sure I could over come it!!!

Thanks: I give thanks for all I have each and every day! I am grateful to have the support of my family to do what I love and the encouragement from my friends.

Check out Dale's website, blogFacebook page and follow him on Instagram

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Comment with Chopcult (16)

Commented on 4-8-2013 At 04:24 am

Never been to Canada but if/when I do "Mad Jap" Dale would be paid a visit. Keep enjoying the work you do life is short, unlike Canadian winters so try and make more time to ride.

Commented on 4-8-2013 At 05:20 am

Great perspective on what really counts.

Commented on 4-8-2013 At 06:12 am

I love to see Canadian's represented, since my family is both is in both Canuck and Yankee. I call Ohio home now but never forget my Canadian roots! Mad Jap rocks! -Bear

Commented on 4-8-2013 At 06:48 am

Good to see some quality Canadian work. And Albertan no less!

Commented on 4-8-2013 At 08:47 am

So Kool. met ya at Born free 3 an 4, lookin forward to 5,, got a booth this year. Think about the D
avid Mann Show.

Commented on 4-8-2013 At 11:44 am

Great work,great builder. a true inspiration for us garage builders

Commented on 4-8-2013 At 03:38 pm

huh, I thought madjap deleted his account on the CC?

Commented on 4-8-2013 At 03:48 pm

gotta love them Canadians.

Commented on 4-8-2013 At 05:22 pm

Great article!!

Commented on 4-8-2013 At 05:56 pm

I've had the chance, over the last 5-6 months, to hangout & shoot with Dale in the Mad Jap Kustoms shop... His craftsmanship is insane. The pictures and videos don't do it justice.

Commented on 4-9-2013 At 08:47 am

I love mad japs bikes

Commented on 4-9-2013 At 07:33 pm

Dude had nothing but bad things to say about Chopcult and "Biltwell kids" when I stopped by his shop. I guess you all ain't so bad.

Commented on 4-10-2013 At 06:35 pm

I guess I'm a Biltwell kid... lol I don't get why everyone talks shit and is so negative. Me, I try to do good things, treat people right and expect the same in return. At least Canadian's are well received on CC. I expected just because Mad Jap is a Canadian that we would here some shit talk but, warm vibes all round on that front was cool to see. So that makes the last comment that much more disheartening. -Bear

Commented on 4-10-2013 At 09:19 pm

You forgot to ask Him why He is Mad.

Commented on 4-19-2013 At 06:29 pm

that brown helmet is bitchin" what is it?

Commented on 1-14-2014 At 12:08 pm

I am from Alberta and I have talked to him a few times over the phone and on IG. Super self righteous. Some of the shit he posts on FB is retarded. His work is good but I wouldn't support him at all. It doesn't surprise me at all that he doesn't have any riding buddies. DICK.

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