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Thirteen years. Thirteen arduous, stress-filled and extremely fulfilling years. That's how long Chris Callen and his tight-knit cadre of like-minded contributors and soulmates have been churning out Cycle Source magazine. Chris's brainchild and labor of love isn't your typical chopper rag. No teabag titties taint its pages. No stench of favoritism fouls the integrity of its message. Instead, every issue of Cycle Source speaks to its audience with enthusiasm, intelligence and candor. In a scene known for badboy bragadoccio and ham-fisted hackery posing as "journalism," Chris Callen and his magazine are a breath of fresh hair. Sorry my friend—I couldn't resist.




Name: Chris Callen

Age: 38

Business: Cycle Source Magazine

Town: Pittsburgh, PA

Coworkers: My wife, brothers and sisters



Riding buddies: Duke, Rob, everyone from the Limpnickie lot

First time on two wheels: When I was a baby, my mom dated a patch holder

First hand-built motorcycle: 1981 Shovel, 15 different times, Does that count? If not, Evo chopper in the ‘90s, built from wrecked frame

Earliest two-wheeled adventure: Riding between mom and her patch holder old man to the Appalachian mountains where he lived


Another best kept secret in chopper journalism: Chris Callen likes motocross


Most recent two-wheeled adventure: The Big Mountain Run, two days in the Smokies, rode the dragon and Cherahola in the same day.

Current stable of bikes and projects: 2003 Ultra lounger; 1981 Shovel, yet again

Tool you wish you had but don't: A longer dick!

Tool you have but wish you didn't: A cast on my arm


The third most important thing in Chris Callen's life: playing live, loud and fast


Heaven on Earth: Watchin' my brothers smile from something I turned them onto

Proudest moment: When guys like Rogue and Keith Ball tell me I do a good job with the rag



Darkest secret: I used to be a porn star

Deepest fear:
That I'll die before I finish a deadline

Biggest regret: Not getting to ride with my old man. Ever.

Reason for being: Life is a constant process of development. Through the metaphysics of
motorcycling I believe to be on the most direct path to personal enlightenment.



If I lost my right arm: I'd make my old lady wipe my ass

Thanks: God, I'm breathing today and have a chance to do better tomorrow


Cycle Source Magazine

Chris Callen's ChopCult profile

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Comment with Chopcult (17)

Commented on 10-28-2009 At 07:12 pm

One of the better Motorcycle Mags out there.Thanks you Chris for your contribution and for letting me be a small part of it.Job well done....

Commented on 10-28-2009 At 11:55 pm

the source is my fav!

Commented on 10-29-2009 At 04:08 am

Has to be one of the coolest mags I've seen yet. Keep up the good work CS!

Commented on 10-29-2009 At 04:58 am

CycleSource – the best combination of content, writing, photography, and layout design out there!

Commented on 10-29-2009 At 11:21 am

For sure the best mag out! Plus chris is a rad dude!!

Commented on 10-29-2009 At 05:40 pm

Love this rag- it's the only one I ever buy. Some of the other books have an article here, a feature there that are worth reading and then putting back on the shelf. The Source is the only one worth reading, month after month.

Commented on 10-29-2009 At 06:28 pm

Great mag[. Just picked up for the first time a month or so ago and I love it. Well written articles that are actually proof read, are about bikes and the parties associated with being on bikes, and no tough guy BS. I don't think I read a single derogatory comment in the whole magazine.

Commented on 10-30-2009 At 09:06 am

Chris you are the man!!! love your mag, you are just a solid cool dude!!! keep up the hussle & struggle it makes life worth living!!! SLIM

Commented on 10-30-2009 At 07:11 pm

I love the mag,on my 2nd year!!

Commented on 10-30-2009 At 07:53 pm

It has been a huge honor to work with Chris. I became a fan of Cycle Source as a reader about 4 years ago and have been a very small part of his empire for a year. Chris has the patience and drive that you don't find in many people. I can't wait to see what he does in the future because the past has been a blast! Thanks for giving me a voice!

Commented on 11-1-2009 At 11:50 am

You guys all rock. It's hard to believe that we are coming up on 13 years for this little magazine idea that we had in the back on my bike shop, but looking back now, there wasn't a time that I was more proud than today when I read these responses from people I know to be true hearts and the kind of readers we are proud to have.

McGoo, you are the man for the words you laid down about me dude. I hope to live up to that outline, It was pretty awesome. This is what's cool about ChopCult, cool people, great community and no hard-ons! Right On!!!!!

Commented on 11-2-2009 At 05:07 pm

definitely the best mag going...keep 'em coming for sure

Commented on 11-9-2009 At 11:38 am

Greatest mag on the market. Chris is one of the nicest people in the industry.

Commented on 11-13-2009 At 02:00 pm

Great Mag, one of the best and Chris' editorials show real depth and insight which is really rare for a bike rag. Shit, I'm still think'n about issues he raised in the November 'Life Half Lived' piece when I get hit with the whole 'times They are a Chang'n' themes in December's issue. Must go ride now...

Commented on 3-2-2010 At 02:09 pm

Chris, you and the gang do an awesome job. Some day I'll be cool enough to hang out with you guys!

Commented on 4-6-2010 At 11:36 pm

absolutely love the mag. It makes all others seem like swallowing puke.

Commented on 4-12-2010 At 02:29 pm

Love the Source! Just subscribed for the first time a couple of months back and will be a repeat customer for sure. Great bikes featured, nice design and layout for the mag and good articles by some of the builders like Fab Kevin. Cheap subscription price is a big help to! Bravo Cycle Source!

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