2011 ChopCult Photo Contest


We're hosting another amateur photo contest this fall, with fabulous prize packages from several very generous ChopCult advertisers. The rules for submitting original images are simple, but you can't win if you don't enter. Here's what you have to do:

Instructions for Submitting Entries:

1) Shoot a picture. Anything: motorcycles, still lifes, live action, hot chicks and bikes, garage shots, you name it. All we insist is that every photo features a motorcycle or speaks to the scene in some way. Our criteria for initial screening will be as follows: composition, lighting, focus, subject matter, visual appeal, etc.

2) All photos must be 800 pixels wide or 600 pixels tall by 72 dpi max, no exceptions. Cellphone snappies, postage-stamp sized files, 10-gig poster-sized images and all similarly incorrect images will be deleted from the thread.

3) Original photos only. No rehashed, repopped, recolored or rejected photos will be accepted. If we think we've seen a shot before, we'll delete it from the thread. Also, no pro shooters, please. If you make a living shooting photos, please let the amateurs have their day in the sun. And no, we're not going to host a contest for pro shooters, so please don't ask. Pro's don't shoot for prizes—they shoot for money.

4) Post your photo on the contest thread HERE. The deadline to submit your photo is November 15, 2011.

5) One entry per member, no exceptions. If we smell a rat, we'll delete what we suspect are duplicate entries from the same shooter.

On November 16 Billdozer and I will boil down all submissions on the contest thread to our 10 favorites, then let ChopCult members vote for their #1 in a poll on the main forum. This poll will close December 1. The three photographers whose images receive the most votes will receive one of these fantastic grand prizes:









Some of the prizes in these packages include gift certificates from Old-Stf Motorcycles, ignition covers from Pangea Speed, spark plug wires from Lowbrow Customs, a taillight and accessories from No School Choppers, and much more. If you're one of the talented bastards who wins, please accept whatever prize package we send you graciously. In other words, if you don't like the color or size of something in your free booty, please don't contact us or the prize supplier for an exchange or refund. All prize packages are non-returnable, non-negotiable, and contents of may change slightly at time of delivery. Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Big thanks to all the great ChopCult advertisers who agreed to generously support this contest:

(click company name to visit their website)

No School Choppers

Lowbrow Customs

Old-Stf Motorcycles

Pangea Speed

Biltwell Inc.

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Comment with Chopcult (19)

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 08:36 am

I am down for this !

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 11:42 am

Can we do HDR photos?

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 12:39 pm

Aw, Scott from Backstreet Bucket has to get in on this action. That dude is a hell of a photog. Some people are just artsy and talented. Can't wait to see what everyone does!

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 01:42 pm

You can shoot HDR, but the shots only need to be 800 pixels wide at 72dpi to look best on the site. Ps scale your photo files accordingly

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 01:42 pm

You can shoot HDR, but the shots only need to be 800 pixels wide at 72dpi to look best on the site. Ps scale your photo files accordingly

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 01:51 pm

Time to bust out my 2 piece MANkini. Bellies and Bikes is in a photo session.

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 03:35 pm

I can't shoot worth shit but will vote for sure

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 08:12 pm

i assume. and i hope, this means no PHOTOSHOPPED images to make your crappy photo look more hip?

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 08:19 pm

im gonna have to go and buy a camera

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 08:20 pm

can you use black and white film ?

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 10:56 pm

You can count me in for this one for sure!!

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 11:04 pm

why not use photoshop....being able to use it correctly is an art in itself.

Commented on 10-21-2011 At 11:05 pm

why not use photoshop....being able to use it correctly is an art in itself.

Commented on 10-22-2011 At 06:19 am

Gravel, I think he means retouching someone else's work and calling it your own. Use photoshop, I do!

Commented on 10-22-2011 At 11:10 am

Bill's right. PhotoShopping original images is OK; tarting up other people's work is not.

Commented on 10-22-2011 At 03:59 pm

hell yea i cant shoot but u cant win if u dont enter right fuck it im in

Commented on 10-23-2011 At 06:31 pm

the site wont let me post in the greatest hits forum can someone post a picture for me or hook me up with a mod so i cna get this fixed thanks

Commented on 10-24-2011 At 08:09 am

Jlow, several how-to threads for photo posting are stickied in the forum. Also, make sure your image is a Jpg or TIFF of correct size (see rules for contest)

Commented on 10-25-2011 At 07:30 pm

i cant get minwe to post here is my shot can someone post it for me thanks id like to win to poor to afford a new helmet i could use one..hope to win soomething thanks. enjoy the picture

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