2010 Gypsy Run IV Redux


"Words don't do justice..." is a cliche writers who can't recall what happened often say about any event that moved so fast they missed most of it. Billdozer and I experienced every second of the fourth annual Gypsy Run this summer, and we're still talking about the great bikes and people that eluded us along the way. That's what happens when you mix beer, bikes and bro's on some of the most famous roads and destinations on America's East Coast. During the four days of our adventure we saw Indian Larry's in Brooklyn, Kickstart Cycles in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, the rolling hills of Woodstock and every twisty two-lane Fritz the Human GPS could muster for our riding enjoyment. 


The People:


While Bill shot from the hip on a borrowed FXR, I collected flotsam and jetsam in Walter Gemeinhardt's '77 Club Wagon. At campgrounds, fuel stops and eateries we clicked away while 150 or so hardy hellraisers oggled machinery and swapped tall tales. After Saturday's ride several Gypsy Runners cooled off in the Delaware River. In the evenings friends new and old shared beers and 'smores by the fire. Hippy towns in the Catskills provided great food and respite for long days in the saddle. Tuners like Jason Roche, Scraper Joe and 47 Mike provided tools and talent to keep bikes on the highway. When dudes went down Big Sexy was there to gather the scraps. Unlike last year's rain-soaked Gypsy Run, this year's ride sailed smoothly under warm, sunny skies. We celebrated that good fortune at the Wingmen MC clubhouse in South Hackensack, New Jersey Sunday afternoon, then bid farewell to our Yankee brothers for another year.


The Bikes:




The Ride:




Thanks to Walter Gemeinhardt at Kickstart Cycles for doing the heavy lifting on the best Gypsy Run yet.

Thanks to Gypsy Run road captain Fritz for scoping out the funnest burgs, boulevards and backroads anyone could dream of.

Thanks to Mike and Big Sexy from 47 Industries for providing the most complete chase rig ever.

And last but not least, thanks to all the riders and ChopCult members for making the pilgramage to Cool Beans in Paramus, and all points north. Events like the Gypsy Run wouldn't be possible without your involvement and support.

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Commented on 9-10-2010 At 06:20 am

That was a fantastic run. Thanks to Walter, Fritz, Mike47/ Big Sexy, American Icon Andy for the beer, and the many other sponsors that made it close to flawless. I can't really take any wrench credit/help during the trip, I only worked on my bike:)

It's always great to ride,kick back, and talk about the shit we love with new and old faces.

Commented on 9-10-2010 At 07:33 am

Great pics bruvs. This years Gypsy Run really was the very best of everything. Glorious roads, weather, people and scenery. I will never forget it and am still suffering from some sort of hangover. I just want to go back there and do the whole thing all over again. Of course huge props to Walter and Fritz, love you guys

Commented on 9-10-2010 At 08:23 am

If I have to steal a bike I WILL be there next year. Money and bike issues kept me from making it this year unfortunately. Looked like a great time.

Commented on 9-10-2010 At 08:25 am

I had an absolute blast this year. The weather was perfect and the route was great. The run was awesome and I met some great people. Thanks to everyone that made this happen. It was incredible.

Commented on 9-10-2010 At 01:55 pm

Awesome run. Once again thank you to everyone involved. You couldn't ask for a more laid back group of hardcore ridin-partying muther fuckers....well you could but you probably wouldn't get em.

Commented on 9-10-2010 At 03:13 pm

did I see Neil Fallon in there?

Commented on 9-10-2010 At 04:22 pm

Excellent article and pic's. I could have a blast on that ride.

Commented on 9-10-2010 At 05:40 pm

That run ruined my tires , It was Frickin' Awsome!!!!!!!

Commented on 9-10-2010 At 10:10 pm

It just keeps getting better every year!!!
Big Thanks to everyone that made it happen and Im counting the days till GR5.
See all you ugly bastards next year!

Commented on 9-11-2010 At 05:13 am

So stoked I made it! Well worth it! Road some of the best roads I've been on& met some of the best people.
Thanks Marco for helping me out, thanks Walter, Fritz, all the sponsors & people that made this happen. I'll never forget it.
Super awesome robot lunchbox with fighting spirit!

Commented on 10-25-2012 At 07:18 am

definitely be there next year. my bike shit the bed 3 days before the run.....

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